Delete all windows in a320 Livery

Hi Guys,

I create my liveries in Blender and everything is working perfect. But there is just one issue I couldn´t solve yet.

I want to create a a320 cargo plane, for that I want to delete all windows. I tried to delete them in blender which seems to be done, but in the livery there are still windows.

I hope you can help me with that issue.

Kind regards

I guess it’s not a simple task, since in the megapack the UPS and DHL liveries have the windows .
I looked at the windows are part of the fuselage, it’s not a texture I think there’s no other solution than to redesign the fuselage

Yeeeesssss! FINALLY someone is doing a cargo version of the Airbus, fantastic I can`t wait to implement this livery to my Fly by Wire Airbus!! Fantastic!
What has been done with the 747 dozens of times will soon finally be accomplished too with the Airbus :slight_smile:

Here is some inspiration…

(I know it`s not exactly the 320 and the 321 is two meters longer … but whatever … the lore and story behind everything can easily be explained with “a cargo freighter company ordered a special 32X cargo version.” And there are even some aircraft manufactures who convert whole older passenger planes to cargo machines by adding huge freight doors and blocking the windows.)