Delete Asobe A320?

I am using the FLYBYWIRE experimental. Should/can i delete the Asobo A320 from the sim the manager?

  • bob, a.k.a “Tiger”

No. Don’t do it.

You can but from what i’ve seen You may be prompted to download again every time you open MSFS.At least I seem to remember MSFS doing that to me once.I could be wrong as it was some time ago.I just leave as is and load the FBW A320.Cheers.

It’s recommended to keep the Asobo A320 installed. Especially if you want to use this mod I made… :grin:

If you remove the Asobo A320 from the Official folder manually, yes it will redownload and reinstall again when opening MSFS because your online account is stored with the information that you should have the A320 installed. But if you delete them from the Content Manager within MSFS, it won’t reinstall because the cloud save already stores your decision to remove the aircraft from your MSFS, so the next time you open it, it won’t redownload.

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Oky doky!!