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It would be great if you folks could release a commercial version of your F-16. It would not have to be in Thunderbird colors, you could keep that just for yourselves and also request that any re-painters do not place it on your model. The income from the model would help to repay your team for the enjoyment they will bring to many flight simulator enthusiasts.

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Unfortunately that is not in any short term plans, maybe in the future! As of right now, it is for our team only.

You can apply if you’d like!

Thank you for the suggestion. Despite the fact that I have more than 30 years of flight Sim experience, my current set up would most definitely not allow search precision flying.

All the very best of luck with your endeavor, perhaps sometime I will do an article about you, when you are ready for such.

Where do you write articles? mostly these days. Search for my name Kenneth J Kerr, or the generic title “KerrSpectives” for the most recent ones. I’m also a former news journalist in real life, and author.

Would you mind adding me on Discord? Have a few questions. Chunky#7134

How do you plan to fligh tight formation when planes turn into ghosts as you get close to them?

We have worked out a few temporarily work arounds to at least be able to fly tight formation to facilitate operational readiness. The only limit is being able to see the aircraft from the ground.

I did a Google search and see that a webcam can be used for that purpose. I do have a top of the line Logitech, would that work?

Would Track IR work much better?

TrackIR is optimal; however, if it tracks head movement and translates it into the simulator then it will work fine.

Such a fun practice the other day. With hopefully some upcoming multiplayer server fixes, formation flying and aerobatics is going to be a big hit. :slight_smile:


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