Deleting the Don't Sink Warning on Baron 58

Anyone know if you can delete the audio file for this don’t sink warning? If so how and where?

I haven’t looked into it. But I run into the same warnings when trying to sight-see without following real-life-pilot best practices. On other planes as well.

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Yeah, I like flying low. The warning is intermittent also. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Not necessary. On FSX you could just delete the audio file and the problem was solved.

Is anyone even here on this website from Asobo answering questions, or is it all just end-users?

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how good are you at modding?
the sounds in this game are in a ‘pack’ for one thing so its not just ‘delete this file’
you would have to unpack the sounds then remove that file then repack it with the sdk Then you would likely have to remove some reference for it in the aircraft files (just guessing i have not done any work on sounds)

no i dont think Asobo pays anyone to scour this forum and answer individual questions, they likey browse thru and pick high volume issues to interact with at best
its a community forum not a development forum, the closest to that we have can be found here but i dont think itst an ‘official’ ms/Asobo forum


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