Dell 7577 fligth simulator 4k upgrade

Hi, i bought one Inspiron 7577 and would like to upgrade my hardware so i can run flight simulator in 4k. I would like some help from you guys, my setup is 16gb ram(upgrade to 32gb), ssd 128gb(to 512tb as dell support told me 512 GB (PCIe/NVMe)), and gtx 1060 max q 6gb(COULD I PUT ONE 2080 ti or other graphics card or just with an external gpu running in a rig?) Please i really need help
If you can suggest what i could do to achive 4k with my laptop

Olá, comprei um Inspiron 7577 e gostaria de atualizar meu hardware para executar o simulador de voo em 4k. Eu gostaria da ajuda de vocês, minha configuração é 16 gb de ram (atualização para 32 gb), ssd 128 gb (para 1 TB, não sei se é possível) e gtx 1060 max q 6 gb (PODERIA COLOCAR UM 2080 ti on placa ou apenas com um gpu externo rodando em uma plataforma?) Por favor, eu realmente preciso de ajuda

You lost at Dell.

This is impossible.

  • First issue: your laptop has a FHD screen, not a QHD screen. Slight workaround: you could likely hook up your laptop to a 4K external monitor.
  • Second issue: it is virtually impossible to upgrade the graphics card in a laptop, as it’s usually soldered into the mobo. With desktops, you can just unplug one and plug a new one back in - that is not the case here.
  • As for external GPU, this can work if the laptop has a TB3 connector.

1080 is the best you can get out of most laptops.

Sorry didn’t understood why i lost it?

i have a tb3 port and would buy two 4k projector to do like warthog did in youtube

I believe it meant that the issue here is 1) a laptop 2) a Dell. My very first desktop was a Dell… I learned my lesson. I wouldn’t want one even for free. I wouldn’t even talk about laptops to ‘play’ serious ‘games’.