DEM of Ireland

I would like to know if the DEM of Ireland is the same than the DEM of the UK since the last world update.
Fir example in the coast of Uk we have wonderfull cliffs everywhere, nice relief details, sometimes even a single big rock can be see in relief, but in Ireland, everything seems to be rounded…
With the US update, we had a map of the new DEM for the whole country, where we can see the DEM resolution, do we have the same kind of map for the world update 3 ?
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Nobody knows something about it ? :-/

@BrunS07 Welcome to the forums.

I have drawn the community managers’ attention to your request.

This was useful information for the USA update and I can see why some would appreciate this information for the UK/Ireland update as well.


Ok, thank you Tamalien !
I’m pretty sure Ireland doesn’t have the same DEM than Uk, unfortunately
UK is really wonderfull thanks to the very detailled DEM and I really hope France will have the same DEM than the UK for the world update 4, it makes the sim much more realistic and is, for me, more important than photogrammetry for 1 city or some POI’s.

I agree that the DEM for the UK is pretty phenomenal. It is possible that different sources were used for UK and Ireland DEM and as a consequence one is of a higher qulaity than the other. A map would be useful to see, however.

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