Denarq Twin Beech - Beech 18 improvements mod

Does anyone here have real tail draggers experience? I already have free castering tail wheel but taxing is much harder than I thought and need someone with real experience to test it.

Thank you very much for this mod! I can finally manage to take off and land this thing.

A couple of wish list items if they are even possible and could be considered.

Could the mod respect the damage enabled setting and only implement damage if that is turned on?

If I start ready to take off on the runway, could it be set to already have the oil and and cylinder heads up to temp so that I’m really ready to take off?

I don’t have a truckload of taildragger time (really just a bit) but I’m happy to help if I can. I’m the one that made the taildragger mod for the Duckworks DC-3 and have modified many other planes to have a castering tailwheel so I know it can be a bit of a battle. I’ll play with some numbers in your mod and see what I can do


Thanks pMoustache.
Message sent.

I’ve only flown tricycle in real life, but am quite well practiced at free castering in the excellent Manfred Jahn DC-3 in P3D (which was said to be very realistic)

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and he give the option to switch it off,so need for pedals :+1:

We could get crazy and ask for the Volpar Tri-gear conversion mod which would eliminate the need to model a castering tailwheel!

Although I am sure that purists would disagree, I also think it makes for a very good looking aircraft.

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(and some more characters because the 10 character hall monitor doesn’t understand English)


The first purist takes the bait! :rofl:


The Beech 18 looks good no matter where you put the wheels


I mean if you think that’s bad…



Fantastic work! Any chance we could have this for the V-tail bonanza? :smiling_face:

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Unfortunately, my damage is completely custom code and don’t have any link to default damage, so it can’t be done. But my plane is very easy to fly and once you understand all of its systems is very reliable. And you can reset the damage and wear at any time.

To create that version, a lot of work would have to be done, from 3Dmodel, new templates for wheels, new flight model to deal with different balance and on top of that, I don’t know nothing about that plane, what system it shares with our D18S, etc. It’s completely out of my objectives and probably capabilities.


Oh gosh no worries on the nosewheel variant! I really only posted that as a joke. You have done incredible work already and I would not ask for you to do anything beyond what you have created so far.

Thanks Siphonicmoon7.
If everything goes well with my final testings, an update will come out in a couple of days.


I need to say thanks, excellent job, a 100% improvement!


Do you mind me asking what your background/profession is? I find it interesting that an individual with no previous programming or modeling experience can make such a difference in four months.

I have a degree in architecture but I’ve been doing 3D design all my life. Interestingly, the 3D part is the only one I haven’t touched on regarding modding.
I also have 3 years in civil engineering but I quit because my love was with architecture. But this years gave me knowledge in mathematics required to model the beech 18 systems.
On top of this I’m a huge aviation ethusiast since I have memories and an hardcore simmer for more than 25 years :wink:

Add to this a lot of free time because I’m unemployed and get your self a Beech Mod :grin:


Congratulations for the various achievements :slight_smile: always good to stay curious!

First post updated. New version 1.1 is out.
See Guide inside mod for more information.