Denver Broncos stadium

I’m a Denver resident, and noticed that while the Coors Field baseball stadium is present, the Broncos Empower field is not. Could this be added, since it’s a much more prominent and recognizable feature than Coors Field?

i am also a CO resident. I do have Invesco Field, but it’s an autogen building. Still there at I25 and Colfax

(Yes, i know it’s Empower field, but as a native it shall and forever will be Invesco Field)

I still call it that too. Once it’s in your head, it’s there!

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i’m surprised how much it triggers people lol.

I don’t even like football!


Also a Colorado res here. Absolutely requisite for this state to have the Bronco stadium. And I have suffered since 1977…

Make sure you up vote the wishlist! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t get it why people focus on those things… the sim is a work in progress with a lot of bugs/issues in all airplanes. Please encourage asobo to spend time on those and not futile things like a stadium no one knows except locals in the middle of the usa…

I voted for this purely because someone wanted other things fixed.

When all you Fly is GA aircraft scenery matters.

Flying a jet at 30,000+ feet is very different and external scenery only matters on landing if at all.

I fly out of Blackpool in the UK where there is an 800 foot entertainment Tower close to the airport, is it shown in MSFS, no.

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For me it will always be Mile High Stadium.


as biggles stated, it’s primarily for VFR flyers

Me, it’s just because i want to see the stadium on my way in or out of DEN. Call it OCD if you want, it just bothers me it’s not there. Like going to St Louis and not having a Gateway Arch

Don’t get me wrong, i agree there are higher priorities than a silly stadium that was literally built to shake when fans went nuts. But the more “little things” We can add to help…distract…hold over…satisfy… im not sure the word i’m looking for, the easier time it’ll be waiting for said higher priority fixes/improvements to get implemented

As a Cowboy’s fan I am suffering right along with you. Ouch!

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My point was to ask if someone could tell me the reasoning behind choosing Coors Field instead of Empower Stadium; not complaining that the decision was made that way.

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Vote here, then also vote over at in their requests section:

Dolphins fan here… now living in CO… both of you can hush lol

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Oh, ouch…

Dunno why this was bumped, but any sim player in the Los Angeles area knows your trouble, seeing as the new stadium that lies beneath the approach path to LAX isn’t there in the sim either. Kinda hard not to notice that…

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