Departure and Center/FIR frequency resource?


I use Navigraph for charts, and get my ATC frequencies from there as well. However, when I fly with default ATC, the frequencies for departure (e.g. 119.430 for EKBI DEP) and Center/FIR (e.g. Malmö Center 118.000) I cannot seem to find on any list or in any online resource.

Can someone enlighten me as to where MSFS sources these frequencies?

Thanks in advance!

Vatsim :slight_smile:

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Here in the USA, those frequencies would come from the FAA. My son works at Socal Tracon, which is who you talk to for Departure Control in Southern California. Their airspace is divided into 6 separate sectors, each of which has many frequencies for Departure, depending on which airport you are leaving, what direction you are heading, etc. I doubt you would ever find a “list” anywhere. Center is similar, with each Center’s airspace divided into various geographical areas. Your assigned Center freq will depend on where you are geographically, what direction you are headed, and how high you are flying. Don’t think you’ll find a “list” for them either.

I was just asking since MSFS must pull them from somewhere when it asks you to transfer you from Center to Center while enroute. Wonder if the resource that the sim uses to look up the frequency/name/area of each Center frequency is available somewhere.

If flying in a GPS system:

The WPT page can be set to an airport and the 3rd page will be a list of frequencies for that airport.

The in-game GPS is still a bit brain dead, for displaying which frequency actually is what you want. But, the info is there.

Out of game, government agencies, such as the FAA, will have website information.

Thanks for your answer.

I’m not in doubt about where to find airport-related frequencies (approach, tower, ground, ATIS, etc.), as I use Navigraph charts for this and other information. However, I have not yet been able to find Departure and Center frequencies listed anywhere online or in-game, so I’m very curious where the sim sources these for the in-game ATC.