Depth of Field?

How do people get that to work?
I’ve seen many screenshots and videos, yet mine is at ultra and i see nothing.
I changed my camera angle in the cockpit also next to the levers for example and still no DOF effect.

Just a note It only works in Drone mode.


oh jeez, that’s unfortunate…
Thanks for answering my question mate.
here i was zooming in @ external and cockpit view trying to get angles setting my DOF to ultra high med off etc haha


Really? So there’s no point of having it set to ULTRA at this moment right?

Imo if you don’t use it at all there is no point having it on at all.

What does it really do anyway?

I’m pretty sure I don’t use it since I never go into “drone” view.

Isn’t this Depth of Field the same as the “draw distance” like how far you want the sim to render buildings/terrains/trees/runway?

Or is it the one that gives a blurry effect on long distance object when focusing on a closer object?

What you mentioned in your last sentence.In a nutshell yes.

Is depth field only noticeable in drone view?

Yes only drone view

I should turn it off then

Believe its a feature just mainly for screenshots.Some games have it on universally.

Okay thanks for letting us know. Maybe I can gain none to a little performance without it lol

The latter.

DOF exists only if you zoom in close enough to the subject (the plane), else it’s meaningless, that’s not how it works in real life.
Also there is no reason to want DOF in normal flying mode, so it’s normal that it’s active only in drone mode, for screenshots.

Things is our eyes are also capable of doing it when not focusing on something. Not a fan of how it was done in the sim but it can be very useful for taking out great screenshots.Not my screenshot here.Credit goes to FILOU on

So it’s better to turn it off then? I hate DoF effect anyway… right up there with motion blur.

Yes, that’s what I said, it’s for screenshots, not for flying.

Yes, turn them off as they probably use up a lot of GPU power.