Desktop Aviator Cessna 2855 Switch Panel

All attempts to map beacon, nav, taxi lights, etc. to 2855 toggles do not function. A/C type: 172S G1000. When scanning is selected, each toggle switch selected always initially appear as a boxed number in the selection window, but when I attempt to validate, it disappears. I sent correspondence to Desktop Aviator, and they informed me that others are having no issues in MSFS2020.

I followed the instructions of another forum entry on a Desktop Aviator panel, which suggested selecting the “SET” and not the On/Off options for each light, but this had the same results.

I’ve also attempted to create different profiles for the Panel, and had scanned first to make sure a toggle had not already been assigned to another function.

Thank you.

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Cessna 2855 on Steam guage 172 this worked for me (trial and error). Hope it helps - On/Off worked only for landing lights had to switch over to Set Beacon Lights / Beacon Lights Off.

Also don’t forget to Validate then and hit [F11] or the Apply & Save button.