Desktop Shortcut won´t work after update

Hello !

Everytime when a new update is RELEASED, the shortcut at the desktop (MSFS.exe) is not working anymore.
I have to delete it and create a new one, then i can start the MSFS and update it.

This can not be “normal”…

Does anybody have some ideas?

Greetings Volker

Shortcut not working because folder name is changed after update :wink:

before su8

Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.22.2.0 _x64__8wekyb3d8bbw

after su8



Click start and scroll down
right-click microsoft flight simulator and select pin to taskbar
pin to start and move to desktop (drag and drop) :wink:

Foldername changed - sometimes it really is that simple :smiley:

Have pined it now to desktop as you described - thanks a lot ! very kind !

You’re very welcome.
Fly safe capt!