Desperate for some advice for Reinstall of the Sim

Good evening,

After the last update my sim continued to crash after minutes of play, so I decided to reinstall.
Now the sim won’t complete an install, it crashes after a few minutes of downloading.
I have so far…
Updated the BIOS
Updated all widows 10 drivers
Cleared the cache both Xbox app and store
Uninstalled and removed all fs2020 files.

Connected via ethernet with a 50-60mb connection.
I have a RTX 3070, 32gb ram and 1tb storage…
I have no idea what to do now…:sob:

Thanks all…

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Did you try the installation checklist from zendesk?

At the end of this checklist, there is a list to part 2. At the end of part 2, there is a link for the advanced checklist.
Hopefully those will help


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Is your videocard overheating? Try to limits FPS in Nvidia control panel.

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crashes after a few minutes of downloading. That is strange, i do know that the GPU spins like crazy even when downloading - don’t know why.
but saying that, do you have another ssd or hard drive to try the loading?

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Do you have enough free space as MSFS needs it, delete the contents on TEMP folder after a lot of install it leaves remnants and fills up quick.

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp “username your computer name”

Thanks for the message but it freezes just downloading the game. At this point my GPU is barely working :unamused: and it’s an RTX 3070

Thanks for the message. Yea, I’m installing it to a 1TB SSD on directly C drive…I’ve actually allowed the sim to install to default location and still nothing.

I have another 512GB installed which is empty, would you suggest giving that a try?

Video card drivers? Did you also update that? In the past some Nvida drivers caused lots of CTD.

Thanks for the reply but wouldn’t that happen in game? I’m not even passing the installation at the moment :sob:

Even during installation it uses graphics card, and without any frame limits.

Just enable v-sync in NVCP, no limits set and it runs at your monitors refresh rate

Back to the OP … check all of your new BIOS’ settings (especially GPU/VGA/chipset related) and also turn off virtualisation. Not saying you have but make sure you are plugged into the card and not the MB graphics (yes it can be overlooked).

Maybe have it as a second drive and give it a go. I have all my MSFS stuff on a second drive 500GB and so far no issues.
what you will need from this discussion thread is a step by step guide to troubleshooting - I am afraid that we are all throwing possibilities without guidance.

Just take a step back and re-try one advice at a time. hopefully it works.

Without being funny, having just updated his/her bios it is the first place PK should be looking. Next step updating chipset drivers from the MB’s site and not those that Windows offers.

If all else fails, I can say it’s been running pretty mint on my Xbox.

If you sell the 3070 you could get the series x and have enough left over for something cool, like a pair of alpacas.


Hahaha that’s not a bad idea :wink:

Hey, I ended up doing a full windows reset and the sim has just finished downloading!
I’m back after a full factory reset…geez


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I did a ‘Reset’ as well and it worked without a hitch.