Detailed Graphics Missing

I am running FS 2020 DVD version premium deluxe in recommended high detail graphics mode but the city of Berlin is shown mostly with generic buildings, far from the detailed version I see in screencasts. Even the TV tower is misswing.
Do I have to activate something extra to see it?

Disappointed myself, expected a bit more detailed buildings in Berlin.

I think those details are downloaded … so you need to check your data / internet settings to download this detailed data ( i think )

Indeed, Internet connection improves visualisation considerably - in 2 levels: Using Bing aerial images and more when photogrammetric data are used too. Streaming these data requires good internet connection, but there is an option to manually configure a cache (up to 518GB) for these data. With cache the visualization improves as data come in. For highest quality the inner city of Berlin (from Alexanderplatz to Zoo) requires about 20GB of cache. One needs to reserve a certain amount for cache first, but can extend it later as needed.

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