Detailed system specs linked to forum profile

There are a lot of reports and tips about increasing performance through various settings. The results are usually mixed and one of the most common responses is: what are your exact specs?
How about a checkbox in FS2020 in the settings saying: publish my specs in flightsimulator forum profile?
When checked, below every post on the forum is a link ‘my system specs’. Whoever clicks it can see the computer specs and all the FS settings you use. That will make tinkering with all the various settings based on other user experiences a lot easier. Both for VR and pancake lovers.
The next time someone reports better performance by changing some Windows or FS2020 settings you can easily verify what other settings this user has. Also, when reporting any performance issues, other people can help identify possible issues, like you need more RAM, or your Windows version is old, set OXR to use beta version etc.

This is a list as a rough idea, suggestions are welcome of course! Don’t forget to vote!

  • Processor type and speed
  • Memory amount and speed
  • Video card model
  • Video card driver version
  • MSFS version (store/steam and version number)
  • HMD model
  • OpenXR / Oculus / … version and settings
  • Monitor resolution
  • Windows version
  • HD type and size where FS2020 is installed on
  • HAGS and gaming mode setting
  • Main board chipset type
  • Main board BIOS version
  • Nvidia / AMD control panel settings
  • All FS2020 graphic settings
  • All FS2020 other settings (online yes/no, rolling cache, photogrammetry etc)

Unfortunately there is no such function for Discourse (our forum software) that you describe. But we’re looking if we can implement the old school ‘signatures’ we used to love from older forums for this purpose


The 4th does have the potential to change, albeit not too often, but those last 2 or 3 would be very large and also very changeable (perhaps even depending on flight path/plane?)

I would highly recommend staying away from signatures, I have written a couple of detailed posts explaining why they shouldn’t be implemented.

If something formal was to be implemented, i suppose a custom user field could be created, which could be updated when a user first opens the sim via an API. A button could then be added to the composer to allow someone to add their specs as one time thing.


That sounds great!
I am no expert in forum software so if you have a plan I will cheer for it :slight_smile: :smiley:

It could also help for understanding problems like the CTD’s… I vote yes!

Here is a link to a topic I posted a few months ago where I outlined why forum signatures are awful and should be avoided. Signature in user post - #4 by Nyx1819.

When considering the use case outline by @UrgentCactus709, there is another reason; Signatures tend to be a global setting, so if you add more RAM to your computer the signature showing your system specs is now out of date in your previous topics.

The possible method I suggested above in post #5, you would get around this issue as the system specs at the time the topic was created would be baked into the post.


The idea was to have the check mark in fs2020 to send system specs and fs2020 settings to your forum profile. So it could update every time you start fs2020.
I totally agree it is not a good idea to put the specs in the signature, it would clutter the screen. Better to show them in the profile, or when you hover over the profile, or use a button or something.
Thanks for your input!

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I think any automatic option would require explicit agreement (or opt-in) by user.

I agree, so when you set the ‘share detailed system specs’ option you should see a popup asking permission to do this. It could also ask permission every time it wants to update it (when you start the sim or when you change any settings).