Detailed VFR map

I miss details in the VFR map that it can be used to navigate without flight plan.
-photo overlay
-country, town and POI names
-streets, river and railway tracks
-details of air traffic control zones

This should be all configurable so everyone could enable the info he prefers.
When there is enough detail make deactivation of the plane icon possible to simulate
real VFR.
This detail I also miss in the world map when you zoom in for flight planning.

Excellent idea. I do a lot of flying within the West Indies and the Bahamas and I’m really sorry to have to look in Google Earth on my tablet to know over which island I’m flying. Moreover, grounds details would be very useful for VFR.

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I make use of a map which can be found here, not sure if it’s any help but thought it’s worth a try :wink:

I also use the VFRmap thing mentioned above. I use that to quickly see important airspaces (i fly online on vatsim) but mostly use the teleport function.

But more important i use littlenavmap that has all the features you request and much more (except photo overlay).

  • Track you flight with trail
  • Elevation profile for flightplan planning.
  • Various map formats with a special VFR topo map that i love using.
  • Hover mouse over an airport to get quick information (Again if flying vatsim you can see the freq. for the radio). Click the airport to get extensive info.
  • Hover mouse over a runway and get the ils freq.
  • SIDs and STARs galore. Departure and approach procedures info at airports. One click add to flightplan.
  • Many ways to manually or automagical create a FP and export is as .pln for msfs
  • and more…

Hi guys,
thank you for the feedback and the links to these cool tools.
As a workaround they are very good, but in my opinion they should be integrated.
Flight planning and flying by VFR are the main use cases of this sim and it is lacking in this point.
I can live it for a while and maybe try out on of the tools, Microsoft has all the data from Bing Maps and
some third party provider and it should be not so difficult to enhance these 2D maps with it.

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Yes, considering this is a Flight Simulator, with both GA and Airliner included, a VFR map with not only those details, but all relevant frequencies (VOR, NDB, ILS at airports) should be accessible in-flight.
Sure there are other sources but it should be part of the sim, especially since that Nav info was part of previous MS Flight Sims. I can’t understand how anyone could have accepted the in-flight map as it was released.

Hello, I fully agree with you Roadspider, I am really missing the vfr map from the FSX in which anyone could find the VOR frequencies and other navigation items. I also would really appreciate some user manuals for the various Garmin system (how and where to enter the VOR frequencies by the way, how to set the heading for these VOR…).

Of course flying VFR is nice because of the marvellous landscapes to fly over, but to set a realIFR by myself, choosing which VOR to fly to would be very nice.

In a first step I would more need data for navigation… e.g. click on a ADF and get the frequencies… I not need navi for a car :wink:

In a second step it would be nice if we got, what most pilots currently do/have : a tablet on the yoke which shows a detailed map…

-No airspace floor levels (why show the boundaries if you don’t indicate the levels??)
-No VOR Freq. Info (albeit VFR symbols and IDs)
-Terrain Elev. depiction is horrid.

  • Poor res
    -No ability as far as I could see to import VFR sectionals

For such a beautiful sim optimized for VFR flight, the VFR Map needs be waaay better!


And for ANY sim that has IFR functions, an in-flight popup map needs to have frequencies!!

It’s hard to beat Little NavMap. :grinning:

Honestly I don’t see why they couldn’t add in actual VFR charts. Just enough detail for heightened awareness but not enough to be distracting.

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That is extremely detailed I would say :slight_smile: But I think it works for him

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I also think the vfr maps needs a bit of improvement, I think not too much otherwise it could be heavy and eat FPS. But some POI names, etc. Country borders. This mainly in the earth (start of the game) when you zoom in all goes gray and borders of the country could help avoid you go two countries far :smiley: Like the Orbx map in Central
I also think that it could be nice that the POI in this map shows a small picture of it like in Google so you can identify it clearly and confirm that is what you certainly want to see.

What about a Bing Maps window with traffic overlay?

It’s understood there is a plethora of 3rd party work arounds, but if they are going to integrate a VFR Map, it needs to have atleast some similarity with primary info on a GPS.

Those of us who just want to jump into our C152 and head off on a random jaunt need that VFR Map ON POINT! xD

XP11 has this sim beat in this area- and it can set the freqs for you.

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MSFS2020 does not have a detailed VFR moving map. This is unfortunate and very strange as the simulator would be perfect for flying in VFR mode, given its detailed graphics. This is especially true when you’re flying in VR mode and don’t have the option of having a second monitor to see one of the moving maps the community has made.
I think it’s not hard for Asobo to implement a detailed mobile map by taking the informations from Bing Maps and attaching to the existing VFR map … but nothing has been done for now.
It is very frustrating to fly in this mode … Yesterday I flew over the Alps and after a short time I lost my position because I didn’t know where I was. In real life when I plan a flight I use an aviation map and i mark the landmarks so that I can recognize them to look at them on the ground, but in MSFS there are no landmarks like churches, towers, chemney and a serious VFR flight is more hard to do that in real life. It would need a detailed GPS or a detailed moving map. But this does not exist and after 4 months from the release of the sim it seems impossible that Asobo has not made this simple change to the VFR map.
Who knows if one day they will satisfy us


yes, we really need regular vfr map as we use in real life to play mfs in VR without second monitor of course.

The VFR map should show at least city placenames so you can get a better idea of where you are. In terms of usefulness, the current VFR map is empty of useful information for VFR navigation.

The ideal would be real sectional VFR maps, but at a minimum it would be more useful if it included:

  • city names
  • roads and road names
  • name labels on rivers, lakes
  • other navigation points of reference that you typically see on a VFR sectional map: antennas, towers, buildings

If you have a tablet, you can install an app called Avare on it. Avare is free and has VFR maps as well as ifr plates for the U.S. and Canada. I don’t know if there is an optoin for other countries yet. Soory this doesn’t help in the specific situation you mentioned, but I figured it might be a good place to start. Hope this helps .

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