Deterioration of visual world (Trees, bushes, grass, buildings)

The visual world of the simulator is very important to me. Trees, bushes, grass … I’m glad the visuals of Flight Simulator are amazing. After the updates and fixes, the visual world is getting worse. There are fewer trees, their quality is worse, and the view of the buildings has deteriorated.

The developer is on the wrong track! Stop spoiling the visual world. Fewer trees make the forests uglier, barren mountains. Please restore the visual world at the time of release!

Do not improve the performance of the simulator by making the visual world get worse.

I have a computer with good performance, I want to enjoy the amazing view. Unfortunately I don’t know now because he took it …


You just can’t please these people.

First they complained about too many trees, now too few.


Everything looks worse, it’s not just about “less trees”
If you can’t see that, you need glasses or call your ophthalmologist…


Go to your in-game graphics settings and make sure the patch didn’t reset them.

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Have a quick look at your graphics settings. Do you remember what you had set before the patch? You might need to change things back, just saying…


I did
It has nothing to do with the settings
You need glasses, definitely
I have everything to ULTRA, 4K, RTX 2080 Ti…


um, why a second thread for this ? there’s already a massive one about “your issue” here

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The same reason there are dozens of A320 threads. Users don’t care that there is a search facility, and don’t want to pin their niggles on to an existing thread. It’s kind of like selfishly pushing to the front of a queue.


OR: some of us, me and myself included, spend just too much time in this forum and just know what threads are around, hahaha.

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One. These people paid for this broken software, it wasn’t handed out for free which it should have been in its current buggy state.

Two. The water is lower quality now too!!! Reflections, everything!!!

They watered down everything so it could run on bobs 7700k a four core cpu outdated!!!

Don’t forget sues older 2gig vram amd video card so game would run on that too…

Wait better yet I heard Xbox test version floating around, they had to dump down graphics so it is working and smooth on amd hardware inside of Xbox…

Asobo and Microsoft screwed up, if flying in a 3D simulation from bing maps and ai generated models, they should of made sure it worked two hundred percent before releasing to public or face consequences making people pay for junk!!!


now i’m curious, haha.

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Sorry, upset customers wanting a refund after uninstalling…

Well in fairness the world is deteriorating. Asobo is just modeling reality. Can’t fault them for that.


They should remove all the cars, aircrafts, because of the COVID-19 Lockdown

i do love your somehow newly evolved cynicism. it’s refreshing ! i mean it.

My settings in the simulator are at maximum …

Unfortunately, the water quality is also poor. In summary, the visual world of the simulator has deteriorated a lot.

I hope you read the developer forum and make the necessary reset.

Restore the old visual world …

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i7-7700K is not outdated. I ran mine just fine before the patch, and just fine after.

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Change your draw distance in your CFG file. Don’t know why you would prefer eye candy over horrible perform but there you go. It will be your LOD one.

The 7700k is by no means outdate… is just a really badly optimized piece of software. It doesn’t ever push all the cores on more than quad core processors. Your statement makes no sense

What can be changed there?