Deterioration of visual world (Trees, bushes, grass, buildings)

The OP is spot on: let’s face it MSFS IS NOT a mature, solid study-level sim, which we all knew pretty much going into it. This means its primary attribute, above all others, is delivering world glass high resolution scenery. Now that this patch has adversely affected this the reason to continue using has gone away for me now. I really was enjoying what I was seeing, and now I’ve gone tepid to cold. What’s worse: my perfectly capable 9900K HT enabled was delivery fabulous performance and visuals prior to Patch 2, and at a very modest cost: CPU utilzation was balanced acoss all 16 threads, and average utilization maybe around 45% which leave plenty for study level planes. Now, post 2nd patch, utilization average is now around 15%(!) while I’m looking out a pixelated major roadways from 4K feet and generally poor quality resolution. Delivering exceedingly high grade visuals is currently MSFS’ raison d’etre without which it’s just not worth opening. Hurry please and get this re-sorted out. NEVER sacrifice visuals internally–give control 100% to end users to allow them to match their own hardware capabilities.


Did you check your graphics settings? Mine were all set low after teh patch, and when I put them back where I had them, everything looks nice again. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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Definitely noticing some visual downgrades. But theyre subtle. Quite noticeable to me and other folks who do vfrs alot.

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Every time I launch MSFS the settings do not save and it goes back to the high preset.

I usually have most settings on ultra except the buildings and clouds which I set to high.

My statement? When did the 7700k come out?

How many core CPUs do we got now for gaming? How many cores do most new games utilize? Like 6-16.
Need a 9900k or 3800 plus
Hyperthreading a must, dual channel high speed ram and 16gb is barely enough when games use almost that much in texture memory?

Technology moves quicker in needing upgrades every three months faster than anything else.

Unless people like run low graphics mode at low res?

Also at 1080p res your cpu bound meaning your cpu pushes the frames per second…

At 4K it’s your Gpu doing all the work and not cpu.

To not be Gpu bound you need up to date processor…

My statement makes no sense???

Some people need to get with the times.

Might as well run windows xp still…

That’s not even close to true. Quit posting false information. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

When I fly around my local area, Long Island, New York it appears Bing map data is not visual on the terrain anymore just generic roads, grass and buildings, there is no actual satellite image later at all now, the game looks so terrible in comparison to how it launched. They better change it back, this is such an amazing game!


don’t agree, but understand and like your vision, i know i have overoptimism, what comparable with cretinism, so i know what you talking about, even if look at situation from other side

The reason we are playing this right now is for the looks. It’s the only thing MSFS has over Xplane at this stage, probably the main reason people are annoyed about the visuals being degraded.


It doesn’t make sense because you’re generalizing, not everyone games at high resolutions, not everyone needs high end hardware for the resolution they game at, and not every application requires or even used that many cores you’re claiming they do. A 7700k is more than enough for this sim at any resolution. The reason why asobo claim threat optimization on their patch is because the cores were getting overwhelmed by unnecessary task that could wait… aka bad optimization on their part. It had nothing to do with core count. That’s why is good to know what’s going on first before making claims.


I chose Microsoft Flight Simulator because its visual world is the best, the most beautiful. I really hope that is preserved and that the visual world is restored.


It’s not a claim it’s a fact, learn about pc hardware before trying to shoot down the truth.

There’s a whole thread with dozens of examples that shows how graphics have became less taxing on the system, but with a huge degradation of graphics especially in regard of texture resolution, LODs management and view distance. I personally posted a video I recorded 2 weeks ago with screenshots taken in the same spot after the update, and it’s obvious something went wrong. Feel free to take a look


Me, too. I literally bought the Premium Deluxe for the virtual world - the flying for me is just a means to explore this facsimile of our real world and (especially in these pandemic times) to go see places I’ll probably never see, however approximate the rendering is.

Asobo needs to keep visual quality way up at the top of their priorities, whatever other fixes they need to make going forward - for me, it’s MSFS’s most important USP. No other sim does what this one does visually. It’s a genuine breakthrough.


True that!

Yeah, I noticed that:
-LOD/rendering distance
had all been severely reduced in quality. The water is the big hitter for me. It just looks so ■■■■ flat now. PLEASE reverse the water at least. And increase the rendering distance a bit, perhaps not to pre-patch levels but more than current.


You know it’s subtle in some ways, and yet when I first ran it after Patch 2 was installed I sensed this right away before reading others had experienced this as well. It’s really making me go back to P3D until they sort this out. Very disappointing the ‘wow’ factor is gone suddenly. :anguished:

I don’t know what to say but the flight I just took was much improved I thought, though again CPU utilization is low which tells me it’s not needed much. I’d like see more work being done with that CPU now.

That’s a little simplistic to say visuals are the only reason people are using MSFS over other sims, but I do concur with your thoughts that downgrading this one’s was the wrong direction to go in.

I don’t remember who to credit for this but I followed his advise to delete the Rolling Cache and build a new one which I set at 100Gb. Visuals seems to have been mostly restored I’m pretty sure. Plus I discovered in NV Control Panel changing Texture Filtering - Neg LOD Bias from Allow, to Clamp, solved the weird cloud edges I was getting. So I am back to flying and continue to be totally amazed at how good atmospherics and scenery is now.