Deterioration of visual world (Trees, bushes, grass, buildings)

I suspect MS is throttling the servers, It could be due to the load or to provide better performance.

The reason I say this is because some days I’ll be flying the my textures look amazing, other days they look terrible. I remember during testing the textures never changed but with the retail everyday it seems like texture quality is changing.

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I hope this is not the case because it would be very crappy. Is there no way to download the region we are using?

My mind stops again. The area around KORS Orcas Island Airport looks very bad. Missing trees, barren parts, ugly textures. Water also looks awfully bad.

I don’t understand, if something looked good, why change it? The visuals were amazing, now they look bad.

I hope you read the forum from the developer and restore the old state.

Depressing sight …

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