Dev Mode FPS Counter: What color do you get?

As I’ve been getting lots more stutters/microstutters since SU8 when running my G2 on my 8700k / RTX 3080, I decided to Analyse the frame times using CapframeX, which confirmed that I have inonsistent frame timing. FPS itself is good at 42-50 though (I usually cap at 45).

Watching a VRflightsimguy video earlier, I noticed that his dev mode FPS counter (the big main square part) was completely green, while mine is always yellow. Does anyone know whether the color of the main square part (not the graphs) indicates the overall consistency of frame timings? I believe it does, but maybe I’m wrong.

Do you guys have a green square or a yellow one? Please indicate your specs along with this!

Im trying to figure out how to make my FPS counter go green, that is, mke the timings consistent. I’m wondering whether this is related to my oldish CPU or whether it may be a software problem. In any case, this was never an issue before SU8, though I believe the counter has always been yellow in VR (green in 2D), so maybe something has always been amiss. J

Anyone have any advice regarding improving frame timing consistency (not FPS) or additional diagnostic options to try?