Dev Mode Help: Trying to check controller output to sim

I’ve got a Honeycomb Alpha (and Bravo.) Haven’t flown with the Alpha too much yet - still getting used to it. I have noticed though that (especially when flying an approach) I’ll get these up / down “bobbing” movements, and I’m not giving those inputs. I’m making smooth inputs on the Yoke, and in the case of this video, in a descending turn to final.

MSFS2020 Landing PHNG Rwy 04 C208 - YouTube (Lol ignore my horrible flying and way-too-high flare)

What I was hoping was that there’s a way in Dev Mode that I could see the output from the Alpha as it’s being received by the sim. (I guess at that point it’d be input.) I poked around in Dev Mode and just couldn’t seem to find it. Did some GoogleFu and searched the forums here, but I must be using the wrong search terms.

Anybody got suggestions? Am I even using the correct tool?

(edit) - sorry, forgot to update this! I forgot that I had my old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick hooked up. Unhooked that, and the issue went away. Input Viewer (free) helped.

Yopu can see inputs in the AI debug in the aircraft editor in devmode