Dev mode windows and mouse are crazy!

Is anyone else having these issues?

Some of the various windows in dev mode work correctly. However, some of my dev mode windows are twice as big. They appear to be of a lesser resolution. I can’t click on them. I must click somewhere between the desired button and the upper left screen corner. If I attempt to move a window, blue boxes appear at various points around the edges of my screen.

In addition, while the move, rotate and scale “manipulators” appear on my selected object, the mouse has absolutely no control. When I click the colored square in order to move the object, for example, the click simply deselects the object. Manual adjustments work in the Gizmo window.

I already filed a bug. That one was somehow lost even though I received a reply email, so I filed another. No response at all yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When using Dev mode, you need to use the same sim resolution as Windows, and render scale at 100%

Dis located Windows can be adjusted by resetting the Dev mode (in the Dev mode bar, click on [Dev-mode] reset settings

Thanks. I figured out most of this just trying different things. VERY frustrating, but why? This is a very easy programming fix. Some kind of IQ test perhaps? :wink:

Thanks again! Happy flying!

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