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I have tried my first flight using the A320 and I totally understand what you guys are talking about now. Yes, the lighting looks extremely bad and totally unrealistic in big cities and dense areas, the ground is like a light brown or sepia tone that you mentioned. I’ve never witnessed this issue because all I have been flying is VFR in GA planes at around 1000-5000 ft. I really hope that they will fix the night lighting issue at high altitudes because it looks like a moon surface! Has anyone submitted a report to Asobo regarding this?


I suspect you are very right… :persevere:
The lightmap is waay too low resolution to be used the way we got right now, I’d say only for very distant cities in the horizon…


In my opinion, they should not used, it was not used previously if I remember, there was only lights point, also lower size rez probably to have better performance, I don’t know. Unfortunately these texture are compressed on larger pack, we don’t have access for others things as well.


They have utterly ruined the scene at night from altitude above 20,000ft. Asobo really must address this as it looks so unrealistic it’s almost laughable. There is no way they looked at this and said, ya, that’s how it looks at night


it’s only a texture to tweak or change.

Many Times… but you should as well. The More Bugs on it, the more attention it will get.

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This is the thread in the Bugs Forum that we need to upvote to make it top 10 issues

Please Upvote this…


In the top of the linked thread: Night lighting - Terrain emits light?


I second this, and have voted. Cities do not look like muddy, glowing radioactive patches at night, and I’m amazed people on other forums are trying to argue that they do. I can see what has happened here in the sim though, a clear performance hack/fix, and I am not sure where we go from here really. If you have all the point lights visible at night for hundreds of miles I imagine things will slow to a crawl.

I tried with the developer mode and having only light sources visible, as suggested earlier. This looked much better, but then you get the dreaded “pop” of lights that you had in XP. A real immersion killer and not a solution at all.

I’ll be following this closely and hope there is something we can do to remedy this.

If you see in the previous screenshots from the early alpha (public screenshots), it looked great and there is a combo here that needs to be figured out with what was in alpha and what is now that drives that performance.

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In early alpha shots, the individual lamps where visible for much much longs distance, almost into the horizon, many many thousands of individual lamps, without killing the fps (I was in the closed alpha from day one, absolutely loved that night light (professional pilot & even better photographer/digital graphics “artist”))
There are multiple & fps friendly ways of improving the current lighting, but for some reason Asabo have stuck by this muddy glowy sepia thingy, dismissing the complaints/feedback with saying current night lighting is close to their reference material.

There are a handful of people defending the current night lighting with pretty much no technical or factual arguments, other than “it feels real” , “it looks great” , but disappears as soon when asked to check out Dubai from 30,000 ft. :man_shrugging:

At low level, it’s pretty awesome (except the current downgraded dissapearing non-lampy fuzzy orbs)

(Still looking for the lamp/light texture to investigate what went wrong… Since the lamps are still being rendered at long distance, but in like 0.05% visibility due to semi transparent texture. My money is on badly optimized mipmaps in the texture file…)


Thanks for the detailed response…

So is there any way the community can fix this if Asobo are not willing to?

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Absolutely agree. I landed into Paris CDG yesterday and it looked very unrealistic, even at lower altitudes. All the fields around Paris were extensively illuminated and looked brighter than the suburbs and villages. I‘m not a pilot but I‘ve flown enough to know that it does not look like that in real life. In many places, particularly in rural areas, it looks good, but in larger metropolitan areas the bright sepia filter is just too extreme and totally spoils the immersion. I hope they‘re addressing this issue soon. Have voted as well.

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Most likely ASOBO, did not found the files, it’s on large pack not accessible.

But they said later SDK will let us access the procedural, maybe we could edit, no clue.

Look so much better with no ground and lights only.


Here is fs 2020 and xplane 11 night lighting


With little modification from ASOBO, will be the best night light ever.


What concerns me about using just the night lights and turning the sepia off is the draw distance. Even with render scaling at 200, at altitude you cannot see city lights in the distance.

At least with the horrible sepia filter you can at least see distant cities. I don’t think either method is a perfect solution. Any thoughts?


Just steal whatever Xplane used for night lighting and road traffic and this sim is 50% fixed lol. Some weather tweaks, flight planning features, fixed ATC & AI aircraft, autopilot and navigation…

Yes. Perfect solution. Have the sepia filter gradually disappear on a gradient as you approach it and let that realistic night lighting come alive under you. Make the distance it starts to fade increase with altitude. 4,000 ft. = 10 miles, 10,000 ft. = 20 miles, 20,000 feet = 100 miles, etc. This would allow you to have the blooming glow of denser areas in the distance while still maintaining the nicer, non-sepia’d night lighting around your aircraft and under you.