[DEV UPDATE # 9 - 09/10/2021] Airbus H145 Helicopter (Civilian, Luxury, Military Variants) | Accelerated Flight Systems & Hype Performance Group


Hype Performance Group, best known for our Airbus H135 & Icon A5 - 2021 Performance Edition are happy to announce the formation of our new development team, Accelerated Flight Systems, this team will be lead by David Amenta and we’re excited to announce that their first project will be the Airbus H145. We can now confirm that development is well underway with production values far above what we delivered with the Airbus H135.

We are offering an Early Access program for the Airbus H145 which will allow owners of the H145 to provide direct feedback to our developers over the course of production. Download our Early Access guide for more information!



  • 3 model variants available (Civilian, Luxury, Military) with the possibility for more based off user demand

  • Airbus Helionix avionics and an upgraded EFB with support for Navigraph charts

  • Avionics will be reworked to deliver graphics with higher fidelity, performance and depth when compared to the Airbus H135

  • Compatibility with the optional pms50 GTN750

  • Professional 3D modeling, PBR texturing & stunning liveries

  • Realistic rotor animations including blade droop

  • Realistic turbine, rotor, cabin and environmental sounds designed to provide pilots with the most immersive experience available

  • 4 axis autopilot including GPS TRK/FPA, V.APP, GS/APPR and auto-collective (similar to auto throttle)

  • Ability to create custom precision GPS vertical approaches to your favorite helipads

  • Trend indication for exceedances (TOT, TRQ)

  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)

  • Detailed systems such as detailed systems MBG, fuel monitoring, electrical and air conditioning

  • Accurate limitations for engine N1/TRQ/TOT when all engines operative or one engine inoperative

  • Increased range, speed, power and high altitude performance


Our Discord has become a thriving community of over 5K flight sim fans and we’d love to have you become apart of it. Come make friends and become an active part of our development.

We have channels dedicated to discussion regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator, our addon aircraft, daily group flights, troubleshooting and feedback channels and much more! We welcome all content creators and developers to come share their work with our community.


Is the Airbus H145 freeware or payware?

This is a payware product.

Where can I purchase?


What is the price?

During our early access period we are offering a bundle including the base H145 package and the luxury and military variants for only $42.99 USD.

Following our early access period the H145 bundle package will increase in cost and the base package and will also be offered for purchase separately at a to be determined cost.

When will flyable versions be available?

We anticipate having flyable versions available for all early access purchasers within a few weeks. We will post at minimum 1 development progress update per week here on our Discord and on our new website. Expect additional YouTube content as well.

When will the Airbus H145 be available through the MFS marketplace and other outlets?

We are in the same boat as many other developers and are waiting on approval to have our products appear in the marketplace, our plan is to keep the H145 in early access and available only through our website until we reach version 1.0 release status.

We hope by that time that we will have our approval for the MFS marketplace and we will release there and to other marketplaces at that time.



Excited to finally share this news with everyone! These were taken earlier in the week and we’ve already made a lot more progress since then to give you an idea of how smoothly and fast development of this project is going.


Happy Friday everyone!

Tonypezz, GBZH35 & @davux3 have made huge leaps forward in development in anticipation of our H145’s first flyable build releasing in August and we’re happy to finally be able to share how the H145 is looking in sim as well as the first look at the new systems that have been designed by Dave.

Airbus H145 - Development Update # 4 is out on YouTube now! Go watch it and leave us a comment with what has you most excited about the H145!

Here are a few of our favorite screenshots from the video in full quality…


Happy Friday everyone!

Tony, GB & Dave have provided some incredible content for this week’s update video and it is honestly my favorite one yet!

Please watch it, leave it a comment and give the video a thumbs up! It would be truly appreciated if you shared it on your favorite social media platforms and with your friends!

As always, here’s a few of my favorite shots from this week’s video:


We hope everyone is having a great weekend!

If not, maybe it’ll be better after you watch our latest update video! Development Update # 6 for our H145 helicopter is out now on YouTube! Please give us a thumbs up and drop us a comment with what you’d like to see in the next update video!


We’re so close to release, hope you guys enjoy this update!


Development Update # 8 is out on YouTube, but more importantly we’ve released our first build of the H145 Luxury Variant to Early Access Supporters!


Happy Friday!

We have a very brief update video for you this week previewing the H145 Civilian Variant!

Much of the interior and exterior modeling is complete as shown in the video and we hope you all appreciate the attention to detail given to items like the emergency locator transmitter system. This transmitter is attached to the aircraft, at the right hand side of the pilot’s seat and is used to alert and assist SAR forces in the event of an aircraft distress situation :sos: