[Developer Version 0.7] KDTW-Detroit Metro Wayne | oltcitroom

Because of the complexity of this airport I decided to release a developer version of the Detroit Metro Wayne Airport meaning is not 100% complete!

While you guys enjoy flying in and out of DTW I will continue working on completing the airport. This process will take me probably another half of year or more. All the flying aspects like Runways, Taxiways, Taxi signs, Gates and so on are updated according to Navigraph charts. The airport was designed to work with default ATC and online like Vatsim or Pilotedge or any other online services you prefer.
Happy Flying!


[UPDATE] KDTW-Detroit Metro Wayne Dev 0.3


-added taxiway signs at junction: V4-V-09L ; A-R ; T Y1 ; T J9 ; 03R-21L ; S1 ; P3-W
-added ILS Hold illuminate signs
-added taxiway end illuminate signs
-added ILS hold mark at Rwy 27R
-corrected all taxiway meshes for a better visual experience
-changed the tunnel meshes over Rwy 09-27R, taxiway V and F with a more stabile one
-tested all ILS approaches to make sure they are still aligned with the latest MSFS2020 version


[UPDATE] KDTW-Detroit Metro Wayne 0.5

           ! Proceed with caution !

Added Construction Ahead signs to Taxiway G crossing RWY 09L-27R, taxiway V and F crossing the tunnel.
Until a stable update/sim those areas are going to be a little wobbly.
!! Please proceed with caution !!

[UPDATE] KDTW-Detroit Metro Wayne Dev 0.6
Added LOD’s
Fixed Rwy 21L ILS

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[Update] KDTW-Detroit Metro Wayne Dev 0 7
Modeled the tunnel
Modeled Evans terminal interior (work in progress)
Changed the color of McNamara terminal
Modeled the roof of McNamara Terminal
Added more objects to the McNamara terminal
Changed texture to RGB
Changed apron texture around the airport
Limited dissolve all the meshes for better performance

!!! Please be advice: Follow the construction zone sign carefully, that area is still sensitive !!!
!!! Crossing RWY 09L-27R on taxiway G is wobbling , please proceed with caution !!!
!!! Exiting RWY 27R Left on taxiway G will be the same !!!