Developers mode problem - Giant Spheres

All of a sudden I get this when Developers mode is ON. Any ideas?

Probably not all of a sudden. You have enabled an option in the developer mode to display spheres around certain scenery objects. I can see you have the dev. mode open in your screenshot because of the top menu.

I don’t remember the options name, but if you look for the option you enabled, which will have a tick next to it, turn that off then the spheres will disappear.

No I haven’t turned anything ON. I did check the Options mode and I could not find any setting about spheres to tick Off. Attached in my Options menu.

The DEV Mode, see if unchecking “POI” turns off the spheres.

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Except this perhaps? With a tick box, just as I said.



THAN YOU so much. That was it (the POI ticked) and I though for a moment that it was the new Nvidia driver or the Windows 21H1 update. Thanks again.


You may have clicked on that by accident, trying to access something. I couldn’t remember its name, but I knew it was something that should not be on by default.

Glad you got it working, as it must have been very distracting.

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