Hi, I don’t know where to put this, I’ve been interested in developing or helping make plugins, airplanes, etc. I have some knowledge (not too much)of html, css, JavaScript. And know a bit of blender. I just would like to know where to start, I am a beginner and would just love a starting point.

I can recommend this series on Youtube: MSFS: Development Series (Episode 1) - YouTube . But don’t try to do everything exactly as he says, use common sense, and some things might have changed since the videos were made. Also look for other tutorials. And read the SDK documentation, it is improving all the time.

One thing that you will possibly come across is instructions that keep referring to how development for MSFS differs from development for FSX. In case you don’t have any experience of developing for FSX, that can be infuriating and pointless. But the (sad) fact is that for some features in MSFS (and FSX), there is more old 3rd-party documentation for FSX than there is official documentation for MSFS. Presumably (hopefully) that will change. But still, it is good to get some degree of understanding of what functionality in MSFS is still much like in FSX. Some documentation for development for FSX is still fairly applicable to MSFS, too.

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Thanks for your tips! I don’t have experience with developing in fsx. I’ll follow your advice and see how it goes, thanks!