Development of sim skunk works lockheed martin tf-104g

we open this topic with two purposes:
give frequent head-up on development status
ask/receive suggestion and/or comments from our potential users.
external fuselage and his animation is almost done
internal cockpit modelling is at 80% of completion
external textures mainly done
internal texturing to be done
system&gauges at 30%
Presently we are confident to maintain the release date at June 2021
SSW Staff


Very excited for the (especially single-seat) starfighter.

Will you be able to model its iconic ‘whine’?

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Wallet is ready.

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The famous “howling” will be replicated as it was (already done for P3D)


here a short footage that shows jetwhine and howling, plus tip tanks fluttering.
Hope will like it
(both sound and modelling WIP)


Oh man, that sounds SO F’N COOL! I can’t wait!

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Lovely! First day purchase for me.

Would you do a CF-104?

Also, the Gina has the camera nose, would you consider modeling camera pods for the 104?

Vinten Vicon camera pod as used by Canada, was attached to the centerline pylon, which protruded slightly from the rear of the pod when attached;



Does my life insurance also increase with this aircraft?


I’m so pumped for this! It’s the only reason I still have P3D installed. The tip tanks fluttering is an awesome addition as well. Will the engine demolish itself if you push the temps too high like the P3D version? Half the fun of the Zipper is trying to push the needle without killing the engine. Love that J79 howl as well, to date the F-104 has been the best sounding plane I’ve witnessed at an airshow.

Try to stand next to a B-17 when it starts those fours Cyclone engines. Completely different experience, but not too shabby either :slight_smile:

Actually I had a chance to fly in a B-17 once, and all the smells of the engines firing up was what really stuck with me.


You have my buy. Enjoy watching videos with this bird howling!

This must be the most crazy amazing sound of a jet plane I have ever heard.


RIGHT? I love that sound! Can’t wait to fly that. I am gonna call it The Husky.

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Anyway VaCMI is not yet under development. Is Sim Skunk ll have the good idea to develop the first camera pod for MSFS ? This would make even more a unique product !

The “Lady” engine start up sequence…


Sorry if I missed this, but will the tip tanks be able to be jettisoned?

pylon tanks as well



Already practicing my one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four…

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By the way, how will the afterburner behave? Will it be a part of the throttle axis range or will it be activated by a key press?

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