Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

After following the instructions of the last Connie update, I had deleted the separate smoke effects folder. Moving the main Connie folder out of the Community Folder fixed the issue with the F104. Not a huge problem as it just takes a few seconds to move it back when I want to fly the Connie.

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Yes I removed the folder redwing-vfx-smoke

is it working now?

Removing redwing-vfx-smoke didn’t make a difference. Smoke is still there on the TF-104G.
When removing the Connie it’s ok.

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Repairs a Windows image…doesn’t seem a good idea to me…and nothing to do with the F104


Could you please repeat your post clearly showing each line to be typed as it’s not clear to me what constitutes one command. Further, it looks like your post got truncated. Thanks!

Won’t cause any issue whatsoever. Many times a CTD will be related to Windows itself.

It repairs damaged system files from the base Windows image. Not only a good idea for this, but a good idea in general. Windows tends to eat itself.

If you click the “CTD fix info” link at the top of his post, you’ll see the full version formatted correctly.

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Doh! Thanks. I didn’t realize there was a link there.

If anyone has throttle problem , just setting your throttle on “throttle 1” bothside.
Very important : Bothside need to be setting


Thanks a lot for the hint,
Unfortunately Asobo in the last update did a code breaking change, removing generic THROTTLE AXIS in favour of THROTTLE1,2,3,4

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"Due to serious organizational and personal reasons we regret to inform you that the SIM SKUNK WORKS development activity is suspended “sine die”.

We cannot yet establish a date on which activity will be resumed.

We will continue support, albeit in a limited form, to our users for products already distributed for MSFS 2020"

Sounds like they have problems. Hopefully they can keep their products alive.

With any other sim this wouldn’t be much of an issue. It certainly may be with this one.

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Truly awful news. The 104 is hands down my favorite addon for the sim. With the sim getting updated as much as it does, these planes are bound to get broken at some point.

Ddevelopment only has been suspended.
Support continues. code breaking sim updates included if possible, like last code breaking where Asobo changed the way throttle axis are assigned.
As reported before in this thread the issue can be easily fixed assigning throttle axis to THROTTLE 1


Thank you for clarifying. That’s a bit of a relief. I hope everything works out for you and the team and I’m sorry to hear that there are issues. You do amazing work!


Thanks, i appreciate your answer.


Could i take this opportunity to ask about the G91. I understood an update was being prepared following the F104 release.


Now i understand why it never got updated and they were silent about it,or at least they were saying that they “will” update it in the future.
Sorry to say that but SSW never got my trust.
I bet 100% that our moneys worth in their purchased products are long gone…