Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

Can confirm, it is the installed Super Constellation that causes the smoke.


Thanks for the smoke bug higlight,we are not able to replicate it since nobody of us have installed che Connie. Anyway we will try to understand which effect is involved.

Second thing,if you are experiencing throttle lost on your joystick slider,simply replace the slider axis to "throttle 1 axis " instead of “throttle axis”. This will restore controller slider functionality,since after SU7 Microsoft introduced the multi-engine controller capability.


I have a theory here. In one of the last Connie updates, they instructed users to remove both the redwing-aircraft-l1049 as well as a separate redwing-vfx-smoke folder from their community folder. Initially, all of the smoke vfx was in a separate folder, redwing-vfx-smoke. I suspect that maybe this bug is being caused by that folder. @JoeJoe13181 and @TomcatFly - could you try seeing if you have that folder still in your community folder? If removing redwing-vfx-smoke alone helps, that might be the solution as (I think) Redwing puts all the VFX directly in the addon now.

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Very good idea, thanks. :+1: Will try tomorrow and report.

I’ve done some testing and it seems it’s the main L-1049 folder and not the vex one. I’ll let Redwing know on their discord server.


My F104 rolls slightly to the right and needs to be trimmed, is this normal ?

I do not have any redwing-vfx-smoke in my Community. I just remove the Connie and all comes back to normal with left wheel smoke on the 104.

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I already removed redwing-vfx-smoke with the update of the Connie. It is the Connie itself or the TF-104G, since I don’t have this problem with any other plane.


Yeah, its not the 104, the CTD was just a random one. Took the 104 out for some more spins and all went well…

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Please check the event logger → Windows → Applications and see what the crash is. I’ve also been getting random CTDs, often with the TF104 (but others also) and the faulting module is the ntdll.dll. I can’t get a handle on the problem. Everytime I think I’ve found the source, I get proven wrong.

Since the latest sim update my throttle in the 104 does not work. I am at a loss to know what to do. I have checked the control assignments and they are correct. The throttle works correctly in all other aircraft. I have a Thrustmaster T16000 flight stick with a single slider control for the throttle.

All you need is engine 1 throttle.

Awsome :airplane::+1::100:

Thanks. I deleted the assignment for “throttle” and kept the assignment for “throttle 1” and now the 104 has a working throttle again.

For the Connie users… Did you remove the old “redwing-vfx-smoke” folder no more usefull for the L-1049? It could resolve your smoke bug on F104. If not I will rename some emmiting VFX on the Connie !

The aircraft folder itself (vers.0.15).

After following the instructions of the last Connie update, I had deleted the separate smoke effects folder. Moving the main Connie folder out of the Community Folder fixed the issue with the F104. Not a huge problem as it just takes a few seconds to move it back when I want to fly the Connie.

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Yes I removed the folder redwing-vfx-smoke

is it working now?

Removing redwing-vfx-smoke didn’t make a difference. Smoke is still there on the TF-104G.
When removing the Connie it’s ok.