Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

Did you do it via a completely vertical climb? starting altitude? Every time I try to see how far I can climb the altimeter seems to stop at 67k even though the external HUD VSI claims I’m still climbing. I figured I hit some sort of limit.

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A bit of a step climb actually. Started at around 36000ft when into a shallow dive to build up speed to around Mach 1.4 then straight up to 74000ft till speed bled off. I’m not sure if it’s a simulator issue but I cannot get up to Mach 1 around sea level up to 30000ft…even with afterburner on it won’t go faster that Mach.08-.09

This plane actually models the increased friction of reaching M1 and you’ll notice once you get a bit above M1 it takes off like a rocket. The tanks also add drag so that’s another factor. In your shots you have tip tanks on, I’ve found I have a hard time going supersonic with them below 10k and have to dive a bit to do so, but I can definitely get it supersonic below 30k. Wit all four tanks it’s nearly impossible to go supersonic, and obviously in a clean config it’s pretty easy at most altitudes. With tip tanks I generally climb to about 15-18k and hit the burner, get to about M0.9 then do a 5 degree dive and usually by 10k I’m at M1 and getting into that sweet zone where it takes off, and from there you’ll jump the airspeed needle almost off the scale if you’re not careful.


Cool, thanks for the info, I’ll give it a try. She can be tricky at times but still a tonne of fun to fly.[

This is an actual CF-104D over CFB Cold Lake, notice his afterburner isn’t lit either…

flight model was modelled to go transonic (max 1.07) at low level, steady flight in clean configuration.
It can be supersonic in a shallow dive at low altitude however
As Phobos8287 says adding external store increases drag so performances will drop down.
Best pattern to climb and accelerate is the “Snake” pattern (see /docs/snake subfolder), so climb at 25k, shallow dive, full AB supersonic unti SLOW then climb mantaining SLOW until 37k then accelerate M 1.95.
You can now zoom above 67.5k, due a sim limit altitude indication stops here.


That’s a real shame. I hope they come back. I really enjoy the Starfighter on MSFS2020.

Thanks for the heads-up

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Dear All,

We are glad to announce that SSW is back on track.

Our priority actually is to go on with developing of our add-ons,that is simply the best thing we can do.

Like on the last topics we posted,we kindly ask you to address your requests of assistance only at our helpdesk,this will help us a lot,otherwise this generates a lot of loose i time and efforts.

We are evaluating how to implement our social page with an updated FAQ session,including all the problems that we find step by step,to avoid repetitive questions.

Now,let’s take a look to the roadmap:


Fixing flight model and contact points;

Adding custom kneeboard to remove external configurator;

Making some grafics and model improvements.


Implementing the Q7 seat;

Adding custom kneeboard to remove external configurator;

Begin distribution on the Microsoft Marketplace;


The develiping is at 95%,and like the dual seater it will have:

Q7 seat implemented;

custom kneeboard to avoid external configurator;

We are also evaluating the option to land on X-BOX enviroment.

For now it’s all.


/SSW Staff


Thas’s great and thanks for the super good news!


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Oh? So now the G91 needs indeed a flight model improvement and we are not just talking out of our minds all this time ?
Better late than ever


Yes,we are working to smooth the pitch behaviour,and make some other improvements on model and systems.
We kindly ask you to post your suggestions on the dedicated topic,just to let us follow properly all the informations.
Thank you


Well,thank you for being honest.Try to listen more to your customers.We want the best for you,so we also enjoy your products.
Trust re-gained🥂

Thaks Saki, we think honesty is at base for any kind of business,especially with a large community like the FS2020 one.
We’ll try our best to get both you and us satisfacted from the final result.


I was flying around with the 104 today and i was trying to film it from the ground.
I noticed these things.
Draw Distance of the aircraft is too close ? I mean,i see a bright sphere and suddenly i see the aircraft and black smoke.
And the sound…While i am on the ground and the aircraft is away from me,i can listen to it like i am inside the cockpit.

Will these be adressed in the update or i am wrong?

Same Here :confused:

No idea how to fix it !!

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I guess you have the Super Constellation installed. Remove it

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No I Don’t !!

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I had it and in my case the problem was strangely caused by the Super Connie. Once removed, smoke disappeared.

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Maybe it is in conflict with another mod that i have installed in my community folder !!

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Salve Mario, quando aggiungerete il G91 e l’F104 anche su xbox, vi prego sto soffrendo a vederli disponibili solo su pc, pago eh non è un problema ma metteteli disponibili anche su xbox vi prego🙏🏻


Hi, please add the G91 and the F104 on the Xbox not only for pc please i Pay for that, is not a problem buy add on Xbox please