Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

I don’t see it anymore in either the F or the TF folders. Bought both from Simmarket. The manual definitely used to be in there, because I uploaded it to my cloud drive when I initially purchased the plane.

On my side I never get the flight manual on the marketplace version. I searched everywhere and found nothing. So finally I have done some search on internet, i find the link that I have share to you in my previous post.

The f104 is my favorite plane in msfs. I hope you will enjoy it s lot too. The radar is fun to use.

Before I buy the single seat is there any other main differences bedsside the dual/Single seat versions?

Or are they otherwise the same in flight dynamics, sounds etc.

The single seat is a bit heavier than the trainer they fly almost identically there are differences but very subtle.

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Thank you for that :+1:

Just tried it for the first time nice plane but hopefully more updates to come.

A few observations may of previously been mentioned.

Had the afterburner noise before I’d even powered it up just by going to full throttle, controls weren’t animating initially but once I got going they moved, after landing opened the canopy and the engine sounds didn’t change, engine acceleration seems extremely rapid does the power of it really increase that quickly when sat on the ground? Afterburner noise comes on instantly with full throttle, it seems very bouncy on the controls in the air not sure if that’s normal behaviour for this?

Not complaining just making a few initial observations of things that stood out, hopefully updates are in the works :crossed_fingers:


hi. be sure afterburner don’t set by any triggers, like axis/key/button. same problem you can found in the f-35. by some reason better don’t use any axis for mixture or condition. because any noise in axis or accidental touch them kill the engine. so better create profile without axis for afterburner, mixture and condition

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When you say, “Manual” are you referring to the “Hints” PDF?

I literally just bought the single seat and there is that Hints PDF and several others in the docs folder.

I mean the actual POH for the 104G. It used to be included in the documentation. It’s 694 pages.

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Ah. Yeah, then I didn’t get it either.

I’ve been having a heck of a time with the marketplace version of the single-seater and email helpdesk isn’t being particularly helpful (the email address is misspelled in the MSFS store description page, for starters).

I’m experiencing a bizarre bug, both before SU10 and after, where after I start up the plane following the manual’s indicated startup procedures (even down to using starter 1 and 2 on “odd” or “even” numbered days) and press the “pause” button (default keymapped to ESC) the engine will shut off. SSW’s email indicated that it sometimes happens when the mixture is set to lean. Fair enough, so I tested it with my HOTAS:

  • Mixture lean
  • Mixture rich
  • Prop advance full
  • Prop advance feather
  • Mixture axis de-mapped
  • Prop axis de-mapped
  • Mixture AND Prop axes de-mapped
  • HOTAS physically unplugged
  • DX12 enabled
  • DX11 enabled
  • PMS50 GTN750 before update
  • PMS50 GTN750 updated
  • PMS50 GTN750 removed entirely

In every single one of these tests, the engine shut off when the escape key was pressed to pause the sim. Sitting on the ramp, during taxi, or during flight, the result is always the same: the engine shuts off. This is the only aircraft where this behavior is present. I haven’t seen any other reports of this happening to anyone else, or at the very least nobody is publicly documenting it.


After scrolling back through this thread, I added the WebSimMSFS.Icon.exe as indicated and then ran the test with the mixture axis de-mapped. THAT finally solved it. It’s not my place to tell people how to run their businesses but as an end-user I have to say this entire process was unpleasant and unrewarding. If the end-user needs to install a separate piece of software to attain basic functionality of a product, that should be stated as such on the product page or in the instructions.

not marketplace has same problems if you have mixture or condition axis both can shut down your engine. and if you press esc after back to flight engine will shootdown. mentioned that before, but i guess you don’t must read all 1100+ posts:)
p.s. about condition or mixture axis. for shut it down you even don’t need to pull lever to the end. just touch one of that axis and the fat in the fire