Development of sim skunk works LOCKHEED TF-FRF-104 G

  1. I can see only knots and not mach.
  2. Highest Speed i could reach at FL 180 was round about 450knots.
  3. At the beginning i acellerate to more than 550knots. But outside i could not hear supersonic sound. So they forgot to implement. Compare it with Darkstar Experimental. That has a supersonic sound. The starfighter has nothing.
  4. When i climb speed usually drops drastically.

I made it to Mach 1,9 but even there was no supersonic sound.

Wow, I just got FL810…but at that point I’d have needed a NF-104!!

I assume you mean the exterior cone when supersonic. Don’t expect that with this mod, the dev has said before it uses legacy sounds

a bit irrealistic :slight_smile:
on the real thing over FL 640 AB shuts down, soon upper also engine shuts due to loss of oxigen.
Without space suit your blood should boil like the milk of your breakfast :slight_smile:
The magic of simulation :slight_smile:

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should you be able to break the transonic barrier with the tip tanks on? i am assuming the tip + pylon is definitely a no-go but should i be able to leave the tips on and still go supersonic?

i just picked this jet up a couple of weeks ago and am having so much fun with it! really nice job on it. :smiley:

So on SimMarket (where I purchased the module), right now it says the current version is 1.3.6, but the file available to download is listed as 1.3.5, dated March 6. Is this the current version, or is that an issue with simmarket version? It would seem it’s not current, but odd that they have 1.3.6 listed as current. See screen cap for illustration of the issue.

I think you should scroll down, it’s the last entry!

Tips can go supersonic. Pylons cannot. The limits sheet in the POH states this.

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Okay see that, but in my defense, the one immediately below was 1.3.2 so I assumed they were sorted newest to oldest. Not 2nd oldest, 3rd oldest, newest.

sorry i was refering to the pilots head movement animation. thats what i want to stop.

Thats too bad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Cant he update/patch this? That way its less realistic.

yes you can go supersonic with tips tanks, however:

  • run will be longer
  • may be you do not get M 2.0 (never tested)
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thanks for the reply! i was able to get past m1.0 with the tip tanks on but to your point i ended up descending from FL250 to FL140 before i hit it so it definitely took longer.

edit: after using all the fuel in the tips, i jettisoned them although i was never quite able to hit m2.0. i believe i got up around m1.9 (plus a tiny bit) but never got it to go past there, even cleaned up

to hit exactly MACH 2.0 depends on atmospheric conditions (ie temperature and altitude), however get M 1.95 or so should be considered normal, what is important is the CIT temp, most of time you get CIT limit (SLOW goes on) before getting 2.0


Buongiorno, da vecchio frequentatore della piana di Grosseto ed ammiratore del 4o Stormo, mi piacerebbe sapere se ci sono piani di sviluppo per il porting su Xbox, a seguito SU12, oppure le versioni del F104 resteranno esclusiva PC. Grazie Mille.

Não percebi nada do que disseste! Podias escrever o teu post em Inglês? Obrigado.

Yess, I was wondering if there’s any chance to have TF 104 G on Xbox (after SU12) or it Will remain as PC only. Thanks.

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At first I thought you were joking. Or did you mean can you set up a camera on the ground and hear the sonic boom?

You do realize that when you’re in the plane, you’re traveling ahead of the sonic cone, and therefore can’t hear it? You can hear the plane around, you, however, as the vibrations are traveling faster through the metal and you can hear “sounds” in the cockpit from that.

I am not trying to be a pain, but I am seeing very different performance. With whichever configuration or load, I am unable to climb above M.8. I don’t reach M.85 in level flight.

Once I break sound barrier, which takes far more than a shallow descent for me, I easily reach M2.4 and above in the FL300s, and i can climb up to 80,000ft and above.

Is all this normal?

I don’t know if this answers your question, but there’s quite a bit of discussion in this topic…