Development Roadmap?

Why are Development Roadmaps not being provided alongside the development updates anymore? I loved seeing a timeline of when certain updates would come etc., even if they were estimates. I supremely hope the FS team will reconsider adding them to the updates…

I believe the reason for this is because there aren’t any changes in the roadmap.

The latest roadmap can always be found at Development Roadmap - Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Thank you for this!

On the February 2nd, they update only UK and Ireland?

Probably some (minor) bugfixes as well, same as happened with the Japan and USA update

It’s the worst time to be playing MSFS right now, we get no more weekly update but now every month or 5 weeks, even for very small issues and interesting addons are far away.

And I am still wondering what we will see in Sim update 3 on the G1000/3000 that WT won’t be able to develop in this time frame.

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