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Why is it that whenever I buy something from marketplace the developers seem to announce a sale just a few weeks later. Bad luck/timing?

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I only tend to buy in the sales now, unless it’s something I really want. Pyreegue’s EGNX, for example, will be a release day purchase for me as it’s my local.

I think, outside the periodic sales, prices are left deliberately high, then the discounts are actually what the devs reasonably expect. They know their products will at full price always appeal to at least a handful of people so they’re happy to go steady between sales. I’d love to see a graph showing how much sales increase during the discount periods - I do wonder if sales generally generate more revenue overall for third-party devs.

I also only ever buy things that are on sale.

The only addons I’ve ever purchased at full price were the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 738 - both day one purchases that I don’t regret.

I bought the 737 at full price too, because PMDG never feature their products in sales. There are some items in this current sale that I’ve never seen discounted before, incidentally.

For someone who is running the sim on PC, does it make sense to buy the items from marketplace ? From what I know, updates come later to the marketplace ?

The only point would be to give some money to MS, so that they keep developing the game.
From a personal perspective I don’t think there is any point if you can avoid it. Buying it outside of the marketplace means:

  1. more money for the actual developer
  2. faster updates (even by months sometimes)
  3. often more features
  4. full modding capabilities (files are not locked)

… To be fair another reason would be if you play both on PC and XBox. If you buy on the marketplace you’ll have it both places.

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