Development Workflow


As a newbie content developer I have been successful downloading the SDK and going thru some YouTube tutorials for creating airports. I have had some success building an abandoned airport.

The workflow appears to be:

  • make edits in the Project Editor
  • save the scenery and project.
  • build the project.
  • copy package contents to community folder.
  • (this is where my issue is) completely stop and restart the sim in order to test.

Does the entire system have to be restarted in order to test? Or is there some faster method of reloading my addon?


No :’(

Please… someone chime in and tell me I’m wrong… but that’s my understanding.

If u update your scenery, then after building it alt+tab and go to the package and copy it to community folder (delete the old version first) then back to sim and close the project. It will reload and the new changes will be in.

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I use a link to my dev folder from the community folder with “mklink /D” command.
And i, use the teleport option to go to a other far airport, and return to my edit airport to see the result.

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