Devils Tower, Wyoming Freeware Video

I made a quick video to showcase the creator’s talents. Really impressive. Hope he/she does Monument Valley next. The link is in the video description -


Oooh nice. Are there any UFO’s included? Lol

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Toom toom toom toom tooooom. I can hear the music.

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On day one with this sim I this was near the top of my list for sites to see. Then I forgot about it until I saw your post. This is fantastic! That really looks great. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I love this Sim… and to think the community can and is making it even better! Everyday is a surprise in MSFS20!

Fantastic post!

Thank you!

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Once your in the sim, if you have Developer Mode enabled (in settings - last option lower left), when flying up on the menu… go to Windows… Teleport Window, and paste in these coordinates and you’ll be directly over Devil’s Tower. Just tried it. It looks amazing - just like the video! So cool.

44.59079° N, -104.71476° E


There is an airfield nearby the town of Hulett (also has an air field). I am not next to my computer but I think it’s called Ipps (something) airfield. It’s very close to the Devils Tower and where I started my flight from in the video.

Downloaded, unzipped an put the devils tower files into my Community folder. Does not show up in the sim. First and only add-on for this to happen. strange.

I didn’t first see it until I was like 300 ft from it - it popped in and stayed.

I heard it has a tendancy to pop in and once loaded, then stays. Bizzarely some of the google imported scenery seems to do this and some doesn’t. No one knows why yet. It will be interesting if someone figures it out for sure.

I flew to the empty location, and it suddenly popped into view and stayed there when I moved away.

And there it is.


Awesome shot!

WY14 the Hulett airfield near Devil’s Tower… “Note to pilots avoid flights within 3 NM of monument” (avoid… sure sure, no… its pulling me in like a magnet, can’t avoid it!..)


You mean the mod creator’s “talent”? You know it is ripped from Google Earth right?

How is performance btw? Some of those high-resolution GE rips really kill frames.