Devoloper mode Freezing

Why is it whenever i try to edit or place anything down in developer mode it loads the object but then the game freaks out and freezes and i can’t quit it unless i use task manager>

It’s been doing this since last night i’ve spent forever trying to figure this out.

Have you checked the ram cpu and gpu usage? whilst loading the object though will add have only ever had the game crash whilst using the sdk.

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Save often…
I have freezes that ends in CTD almost every day in developer-mode.

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No freezes here, only CTDs in dev mode. (No CTDs in main game)

Sorry (stupid question) CTD? What is a CTD?

Crash To Desktop

Oh okay, it doesn’t CTD though its just frozen untill i end the task

Same exact issue here. Evrythings is complitely freeze when go to scenery editor. I’ve done some scenery yet, but smtoday is my first time having this issue…