Devs, please add a Sharpening slider in VR graphics option

In other apps using VR like Project Cars, Automobilista 2, Star Wars Squadrons, etc. we have a way to manage the level of TAA sharpening using menu slider or changing value in config files.
This is a way to avoid raising the SuperSampling or RenderScale, and have strictly no cost on fps side. It make wonder on said sims.
I tried using the one from Nvidia Control Panel without much effect in VR. If you do that we will have a sharp image keeping renderscale at 100%. Currently all is blurry even when I raise renderscale, and become more than unplayable on fps side (it’s already not acceptable at 100% renderscale on my machine).

The other good thing is people even on monitor will be able to set what they want as currently, I see people complaining about sharpness in both way and on monitor.

For us VR users it will be a game changer.

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