Dewpoint stuck at 10 C

There is a probleme where the ATIS and METAR system doesnt show the same values.
The dewpoint is stuck at 10C (on ATIS) which makes every temperature below 0 Degrees Celcius a Freezing condition.
I tried to remove the Icing conditions via the menu but I always get visual effects no matter what.
That means NO VFR flights until the temperature goes back up positive.
I’m pretty sure everyone has the same problem.

Zendesk ticket opened : 136743

Brief description of the issue: Just reporting that the Dew Point is never supposed to be higher than the reported temp. Live weather seams to be good . In the real world FOG happens when the Temp and Dew Point are at the same such as Temp 7 and DP 7 than you have fog and as a rule the DP can not ever be higher than the Temp. Getting it with selecting the weather such as clear skies or any others. Thanks Scooter

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I think the dewpoint/humidity just hasn’t been implemented yet, and remains a gaping hole in the weather system. That’s why you can’t set humidity in the Weather menu, and why the visibility remains pretty much unlimited clear of clouds, rain and aerosol particulate. The dewpoint temperature in the ATIS readout is probably just the untouched default value.


Exactly. I’ve never seen an ATIS report where the dewpoint wasn’t 10°.

Brief description of the issue:
The ATIS seems to always report Dew Point is 10C when using Live Weather. This has been the case since Tech Alpha.

This is relatively low priority, but a noticeable lack of immersion (when I write the ATIS Down, I write down 10 before I even hear it).

Hopefully with the weather system refactor, this can be fixed. A thin spread between temperature and dewpoint = fog, which is why we care about it.

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  1. Go to any airport with ATIS/AWOS using Live Weather
  2. Tune into ATIS/AWOS and listen to the Dew Point

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i9 9900k, 2080ti

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Since Tech Alpha

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I was just about to post the same thing. Always get dewpoint 10 no matter what the weather is reportiing.

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It’s been that way since launch, but right after SU6, I saw ATIS report the dewpoint at 13° once. (In my best Danny Vermin voice) Once. Since then, it’s been back to 10°.

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I remember there was icing problems last winter, but I didn’t realise it was the same :pensive:

This is still an issue, even many months and updates later.
We are now at System Update 7 Nov 30, 2021

And we are still getting DP reported higher than temperature.

Also getting True & magnetic mixed up
Speeds in ft/sec

Its still a mess !!

I do not expect Real Weather to exactly match a local Metar, but I do expect it to be close, and I do expect the ATIS to be reasonably acceptable.

If the weather is set with a profile, I would expect the ATIS to be almost exactly that the weather profile is set at.

Here is KDCA,(a major Airport in the USA’s Capital) today, Real Weather.

Screen shot shows the Real world Metar, MSFS’s ATIS, and a few of the current SimVars (as depicted in a Stream Deck)

Since a picture is worth 1000 world, I’ll let this Annotated Screen Shoot speak for itself.

At least at this point’ I;d be happy if the DP was reasonable – especially with all the current talk in the forum about Visibility HAZE and Low Cloud / Fog !!!

Edit: For Ref - Mag Var: 11W (2020)

still not working

I haven’t had the icing problem with OAT < 0C & dewpoint @ 10C, but in the beta the ATIS seems to report 10C dewpoint regardless (for me at least). I suspect the dewpoint in the sim is NOT that high (no icing, viz excellent) even though it is reported at 10C.

One example, the real METAR temp was something like 5C/M2C but reported 6C/10C by ATIS (on a 2hr flight through various METAR areas). So I think they have partially addressed the issue in the beta but ATIS doesn’t consistently match what is simulated on all the parameters (viz, cloud heights, dewpoint). I have yet to check that on preset weather in the beta.

Thanks for your input

That’s virtually impossible, especially at ground level, without some sort of precipitated water in the air, most likely in the form of dense fog. Supersaturation causes instability, so any impurities like dust or soot (from engine exhaust) will cause immediate condensation.

Exactly! Now take that situation and bring it below the freezing point.

I agree. Since the actual viz in the beta corresponding to that ATIS report was much greater than 10sm, implies a problem in the ATIS system interpreting the simulator weather state. That condition, although still undesirable is far better than it was in SU7. Hopefully, once the final “hotfix” is published the ATIS will at least correlate with the simulated weather state. Obviously that shouldn’t be the only thing that gets corrected.

what’s weird is that support team wrote back to me and said :

Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

Dec 17, 2021, 15:17 GMT+1

Hi Mecanosebastien,

The dewpoint is stuck at 10C (on ATIS)

We do not reproduce this.

Could you provide the ICAO of the airports where you noticed this icing problem and send us screenshots or videos?

So, I’m not sure how aware they are of the situation.
I tried to explain it to them but then again, there is so little I can do.

So, today I was flying irl , I must admit it was very cold here but with a clear blue sky . -20Celcius!
Not a single cloud.

I come back home, and fire up the sim.
Somehow the plane was freezing in the sim :frowning:

SU10 - Really still an issue?

Following up to my previous comments, I’ve still never seen a dewpoint reported by ATIS different from 10C. (SU9)

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for about the last 4 months every atis report has the dewpoint at 10c. when flying in colder temps this causes the plane to frost over and make visibility 0

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every flight

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tune radio to any airports atis

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