DG Aviation DG-1001E neo

While I agree with you in the sense that I want MSFS to have maximum realism and realistic flight dynamics, is it really meant to be or planned to be a flight training tool for real world pilots to this degree?

I could understand your reaction if this was $1 million glider simulator tool, but a $60 game?

The thing is RL gliding is one of the most accessible kinds of flying, you need to be only 16 years old to have SPL license.
People who never piloted RL craft expect that with high visual realism MSFS comes with highly realistic flight model. MSFS marketing support this view with all those feature reveal series and dev Q&A presentations and Jorgs/Sebs statements.
I have never heard any disclaimer do not use it for flight practice, I rather heard that real airliner and other pilots often use it. Thus supporting the claim “as real as it gets”.
Realiatically scanned gliders also give this impression.
Whether we like it or no young people will try supplement their RL glider training (to cut costs of training) with practicing gliders in MSFS. Even if MSFS would explicitly forbid its use for such purpose people will do it.
So the only sensible solution is to work on decently realistic flight model - accelerated stall is not something subtle.

BTW unitprice does not matter - if you multiply it by quantity of MSFS and real sims sokd youll get the amount of money involved in given sim.

And you can even start active learning/training at 14. At least here in Germany.

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An update to the ‘glider does not brake’ problem. A bit late but maybe the solution also helps others.

I double checked my ‘brake’ settings (keyboard, rudder) as well, which seem all to be fine.
I ended up in assigning the ‘left brake axis’ and ‘right brake axis’ to the same Bravo lever, that also controls the spoiler axis (‘reverse axis’ checked for both).
This perfectly works in my context.

Is there a means to change the default Altimeter units (for DG-1001E)? On doing the glider training, the instrument is defaulting to Meters, whilst I have Hybrid configured & I’m expecting feet?
Is there a model file I can edit? what its filename & where would I find it - would be great.

I’m not sure that this is as easy as a single model to correct that. Yes, it’s sad that Microsobo only asked for a “true to life” glider and not one that would have universally correct instruments. Someone in the community has created a mod for the LS8 (see LS-8 Glider Imperial cockpit - Knots and Feet » Microsoft Flight Simulator) but so far nobody has delved into the DG1001 to do the same. Good luck if you set out to embark on that project.