DHC 2 Beaver Freeware

Well, hard to complain about that. Props for doing it when ever you do.

I’m dabbling in doing some modeling maybe textures for MSFS, so maybe I can help on the Beaver at some point. What you did show of the Beaver looked really great.

I have been playing around trying learn how to create all of those textures. I created a pretty nice airspeed indicator for the G36 Bonanza and got it working in Air Manager, but am still stumped on how to create the small part of the panel surrounding the instrument and making it look somewhat real. Once I figure that out, I would love to help as well.

If I understand what you’re saying, you’re trying to add a panel and bezel around your gauge? I’m pretty sure you’re going to find you need to modify the 3D model to do that. I don’t know if Blender can convert the B36 so you can edit it, and then write it back out again. ModelconvertX has the technology, but it’s turned off because the author is afraid people will use his tool to steal other peoples’ work.

Tried opening the G36 GLtfs in Blender. Won’t import and says something about a MSFS extension related to .dss files is not supported by the importer. I’d hope it would just ignore what it didn’t support and just load the geo. Sure that could be used to steal from Asobo, but not sure who’d steal that and try to make a Bonanza for another sim or another Bonanza for MSFS. But it DOES keep the community from loading in the geo to make mods for the existing Bonanza. Maybe the 3DS plugins in the SDK will allow those to be read into 3DS? I’m actually very interesting in how workflows differ between Blender and 3DS regarding creating and modifying GLtf files for MSFS.

Thanks for that. I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I did create the gauge, of all places, in Word. I started to try creating it in Photoshop but found that it was really easy to create a great airspeed indicator in Word. The surrounding and making the gauge look worn is what I’m trying to learn now and am starting to learn Blender. That is where I’m at now. My goal is to create a really nice stream gauge panel for the Bonanza that I will post for anyone that wants it.

Anyway, enough of the Bonanza, I am very excited for the DHC 2 Beaver.

Edit: Just to clear up any confusion, I’m talking about a 2D panel that would go into a dedicated screen. The only way that I know of to do a 2D panel with MSFS right now is with Air Manager.

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One quick point at the risk of continued threadjacking.

MCX would import that G36 interior and then export it. But importing that into Blender seemed iffy, lots of tangled polygons I couldn’t understand or recognize as anything. BUT, after deleting everything that looked useless I was left with some excellent instrument panel geo that might be really helpful if trying to make a steam panel for the aircraft. Just trying to get my feet wet and start understanding some of the basics for making/modding MSFS content.

I’m going to have to look at MCX, not heard of that one yet. Thanks.

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Amazing work. An amphibious Beaver is the plane I want most in this game. It’s the plane I intend to buy in real life in the next few years.

I’m fitna put so many hours on this thing, the whole ■■■■ game is gonna need an overhaul.


That’s great thanks! It’s a float too, I love it when the community shows passion like this, please definitely keep us all updated on your development LeprechaunLive :slight_smile:

Waiting for the straight float to work as an AI.

I didn’t see it mentioned in the thread, what people keep calling MCX, even though you’ve never heard of it, is actually called ModelConverterX and can be found at SceneryDesign.org

How’s that P-40 coming along? I read in your other forum that you were in Alpha testing a month ago. Going smoothly, I hope?

Hello, we are we closing to launch it :slight_smile: possibly in a week or two


Well Done You !

Can’t wait, super excited.

Dont tell anyone i showed you this :slight_smile: shhhh


So Close you can Almost Touch it !

It be a B/C :slight_smile:

yes, it is a B :slight_smile:


Wow thats just fantatic news, The beaver is King😀