Did anyone can share their FPS performance (screen shot) for RX5700XT with latest AMD driver?

Hi all,

Thinking about upgrade my GPU (RTX2060) to AMD Radeon RX5700XT, can any one comment and share this card FPS performance with me as my reference for purchase guidelines? Appreciate your helping hand…

B/Regards…Alex Ooi

I get 20-25 on the ground, 35-40 in the air. RX5700XT, 3900x, 32 Gigs of RAM. I play at 1440 with full Ultra (2 settings turned down to high). Smooth with no stutters.

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I have a Gigabyte RX5700XT paired with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU. Generally running 42-45 FPS always… Add bad weather in a big city it goes to 30. I am auto overclocking. 1440P. All High settings except a few things Ultra (following tweaks from someone in the community that basically delivers Ultra looks with high performance). Looks great! The Sim itself is buggy… many issues like crashing to desktop, some stuttering, visual bugs… you get it. I am sure they will optimize at some point. In other games like RDR2, DCS, it is all 60FPS+ at Ultra.


As each person flys in a different area, the results posted will vary. If you want more accurate data, post your specs and location you fly at. This way people can compare accurately. Flying at above New York City vs other place will yield different FPS.

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Those are stats from NYC. Seems to be the standard for benchmark.

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Please use NYC as reference.

3600x with a 5700xt and I was getting ~45fps in air over NYC, and about 30 on the ground at laguardia (high preset, 1440p). Not really sure you should get a whole new GPU within the same generation though. Seems like a waste to me, especially with RTX 3000 and Big Navi right around the corner.

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I have the same setup, and running to same. No problems with my RX5700XT. I love it

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