Did I miss something after the US update?

I really have no idea where best to post this so General Discussions seems a good first stop.

So, back in August I did what a lot of us did, and took a slow, low flight past my home, my significant other’s home, her parent’s home, my work, etc. I can’t recall if either area (Cincinnati and Louisville) was a hand-crafted one, but regardless, it was all there. Sure, flying down low the buildings looked a bit like a Salvador Dali painting, but that is just the settings I set. The buildings themselves, the colors, sizes relative to nearby buildings, size and colors of those nearby buildings, etc etc, were all accurate and easily identifiable.

Fast forward a few months. I’m flying a lot, but not in areas I know well in real life. And having done the “I see my house!” bit back in August, I didn’t feel the need to repeat the experience … until I picked up one of the new ultralights one of the 3rd party developers released in the last month or so.

Now, after the US update, my local areas don’t look anywhere near as accurate as they were on Day-1. My home is radically different looking, and surrounded by what looks like a plethora of generic buildings. None are particularly accurate, and all look like office buildings except for the obvious single-residence homes. Including the sports stadiums up on the riverfront in Cincy, which are now funky shaped offices, apparently. There don’t seem to be any trees anywhere, either, just green splotches where they should be. The roads are still accurate in their basic placement and I could follow my 30 minute route from northern Kentucky across the river into Cincy proper to my work, but all in all, the whole thing looks a bit like what I had back in my FSX days with a roads and land-class update. (Granted, the buildings, while very clearly not based on reality, look great with very nice, crisp textures. But none of them look “real” anymore, if you know what I mean.)

Was there something I missed that needed changing in my settings after the US update? Outside of the Cincinnati area, things look (as near as I can tell) as they always have; lots of trees, lots of fields, generally looking like a VFR paradise. So I’m guessing either some change in my graphics settings is needed to take advantage of the US update, or the update complete overwrote the stock Day-1 areas where I’ve experienced this “issue”, which seems a very odd step in the wrong direction to me.

It’s just really, really weird. If anyone has any suggestions or have had a similar experience, please let me know! It was a very neat experience to overfly my home, and be able to snap a photo of it to say “Yep, that’s my place alright! Look, even my truck is there in the driveway!” I’d love to get that back… (Note: I haven’t yet flown over Louisville to see if these “changes” occurred here too. Nor have I tried to cache the area. That may be the first thing I try though.)

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Make sure your bing/photogrammetry is on in settings->general->data. It probably got turned off, this sounds like offline mode to me.

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That’s exactly what it sounded like to me too. Thanks, I’ll give that a check.

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They’re gonna be releasing a new UK world update in a few days time. So you might need to just hold onto that.

Thanks Nerbulus, that’s exactly what the issue was. Bing maps and photogrammetry were off. I certainly never turned them off, so it must have occurred during one of the updates. I’ve been flying around out in the boonies for so long, hundreds of miles from any photogrammetry areas, I just never noticed the change until today.

Again, thanks!


If you ever get disconnected from the internet while flying, the sim will notify you that you’ve been set to ‘offline’ mode.
If your connection is restored after that, you’ll have to re-enable online services from your settings manually.

That’s likely what happened. Updates (generally) don’t change your settings (few exceptions, when controls are renamed etc).

Thanks Mort, that explains how online services got disabled. Internet dumps are definitely something I’ve had happen several times over the last couple of months while flying in MSFS. My internet is nice and sturdy most of the time, but a couple times per month, my router will jam up and require a reset. (Case in point, by pure dumb luck, I had to reset my router just now in order to post this reply! Of course, we got six inches of snow last night, so that might be affecting Spectrum as well.) I must have been flying in non-photogrammetry areas when I’ve been bumped to offline mode, and since I never saw any change in the scenery being displayed, I never thought to check on the data settings once internet was restored as all seemed fine.

Definitely good to know, and data settings will now be the first place I go after I get dumped the next time. Thanks!

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no worries.

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