Did I receive a broken Thrustmaster TCA Boeing Yoke?

So basically what happens is that turning the yoke to the right immediately gives full deflection (after turning the yoke maybe 1 cm). Both in the sim, and in the Windows controller config window. Turning to the left also gives only 2/3 deflection.

I can’t seem to calibrate it any way so I assume it’s broken and there’s nothing I can do? I installed newest drivers and firmware. Didn’t help.

Anything I can do? Thanks!

That sounds defective. I’d exchange it.

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If it’s new id return it. Sounds like a bad sensor (I don’t remember if that one uses standard potentiometers or hall effect sensors).

You could measure the output with basic electronic instruments, but being new, sounds defective and I’d return it

This happened to me and they had it sent back and gave me a new one for free, but guess what… I got my new one in February and this month started having the same problem… I can’t use it anymore. I just contacted support for the second time. Lets we what they say