Did SU5 Nerf the VFR Map?

Am I going crazy or is the VFR map less detailed now? I used to be able to see major roads on the map and use them to help navigate but now with SU5 roads no longer show. The isoline lines also appear to be much more pixelated and less detailed. Any way to fix this via an options setting or something?

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i not tried the map since update yet, but i can test it tomorrow

I think so

it nerfed a lot of things lol

Messed up the VFR map and put BIG font on ATC window.

I will have to agree with the VFR map being less detailed. It also seems less responsive.

Indeed. And now it doesn’t scale the text either.

I have been popping the ATC window out to a different monitor forever, resize and the text scales…

Since SU5 it now takes up half that monitor unless I scale the whole UI down to 40% (which makes everything else borderline unreadable.)

The VFR map takes a while to load now and freezes my sim for a couple seconds every time.


If you watch the Digital Foundry video you will learn why.
Basically it is done to avoid rendering maps three different places.

I’ll have to find that video.

I want the old VFR map back. It was actually useful. Current one isn’t worth opening.

I use to get the way points in the VFR map. Now all I get is a gray line to show the GPS flight path. What a great fix. GOOD DAY!

My VFR map almost never even opens but when it occasionally decides to open, it displays nothing, just an empty window.

IMO, I think they have completely broken the VFR map with SU5. It is much worse than previous updates and borderline unusable.
Mine opens OK (eventually) and I can move it around and zoom in/out OK including in VR.
ISO lines are now really AWFUL!
Airport names and other labels come and go randomly including the ones that are in your flight plan which is especially annoying.
Definitely should have a “track up” option. My instructors always said to orient the chart in the direction of travel. Easy to work out which way to turn when you want/need to and to identify features relative to you.
Flight plan visibility is very random as well. This SHOULD be there as when you plan a VFR flight, you generally plot your flight plan in pencil on the chart.
And in the bush trips, don’t make giant curves that don’t even go to the waypoints, a flight plan is straight lines with turning points and required for dead reckoning navigation (heading+speed+time=position).
I disagree with alot of people asking for ILS/NDB/airport frequencies and everything. That is NOT a VFR map, it is a TAC not a WAC.
GPS follow is a good feature to make it easy but I do agree with Bush Trips and other challenges being able to disable GPS follow (assuming that they actually center on you at the start of the flight, which seems broken at the moment as well and without the labels appearing you can’t even find your starting point).
I know asking for proper a free WAC for everywhere on the planet is asking a bit much, but you should be able to at least identify towns, roads, lakes, rivers and mountains. The name data is in Bing Maps. The idea being that you can “visually” locate yourself in the map which is the purpose of a “VFR map”.
I know that there are alot of freeware/payware options, but the inbuilt one should at least be useful.

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