Did the FPS got affected with Sim Update 9?

Hello all, quick question with the latest update ( - Sim update 9) i have been struggling very much with my FPS. I have currently a 4 K monitor with an RTX 2080 Ti, with 64 Ram. Before this update i remember having FPS over 30 is big airports. Now with Sim Setting more on the middle i have around 22 to 25. Not sure if this is due to the latest update, that is why am asking or if its has to do with something else. I am also running the lastest Nvida driver 512.95.


You might want to check the Search function. There are several threads about that already.


ohh didn’t know about it! so that confirms the performance did drop. I will check, thanks

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Yes they got affected.
Here is the main thread.

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thanks for the confirmation and the link!

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Topic closed since the OP discovered there was another thread addressing his issue with SU9.