Did you hear the birds?

Did you ever take notice of the environmental sounds in the sim. No, I do not talk about the airport noise like aircraft engines, ground service vehicles and the likes. I do not even talk about wind blasts and that kind of sounds.

I recently upgraded my sound system (Logitech 5.2 speaker system). It was a huge improvement over the stereo sound produced by my beamer I use as the main screen.

But it only occurred to me yesterday that I did notice some strange sounds in the background. Not sure whether it was a noise produced from the aircraft or just the airport noise, it tried to identify the source. Adjusting the sound settings for the different sound sources I finally found, it is the ENVIRONMENT, stupid.

You can hear different birds in the trees. Event some sporadic mosquitos circling your head. It almost blasted me off my chair. It forgot about flying and chased those sounds for about two hours.

If you adjust the time of day the sounds change to crickets chirping at twilight and throughout the night. If you approach the sea (use the drone) you can hear the rolling and breaking waves (depends on wind force).

Those sounds cannot be heard at your regular airport because other sounds are predominant. But if you happen to be at a remote airfield close to woods and bushes and having your engine stopped, you can listen to the birds. It happened to me at MRSN Sirena Station, Costa Rica. A genuinely nice hand-crafted scenery, worth a visit in any case.

Let us explore the environmental sounds!

What are the sounds you can hear?

At what place did you notice them?


Yes, it’s one of my small pleasures after landing : shutting down the engine and listening to the environment. You can also hear the traffic when there is a road nearby. Rivers too, I think (not sure). At night, you can hear owls instead of birds chirping. I don’t know if there is a regional or continental difference.


I noticed it after making an emergency landing on a forest road, engines off and the forest sounds filtered through, in the middle of nowhere. Nowadays I have the sound so low I wouldn’t hear it anyway, I should turn it up again some time after landing.

Haha I admit, sometimes I get the showcase cam out when flying over a forest, and just dive straight down to the ground, while leaving the plane way up… all the nature sounds are still there, it’s very calming haha.