DID YOU KNOW that the smart camera points you in direction to taxi at airport?

I just wanted to make a note here on the forum. For those of you that think the taxi ribbon in the game looks ugly, there’s no need to use that. You can activate the smart cam and it will point you in the direction to taxi to runway from parking and vice versa when you are using ATC in free flight. It will turn the camera whenever you need to make a turn at a taxi intersection and it is extremely useful for those that can’t find their way around the airport. If you cycle through the smart camera it will also point you in the direction of the active runway when you are on the ground, and it will point you to active runway when you are in the air landing on the airport. It is an amazing feature!!!

Did you guys already know this?
Lets make this a “Did You Know” thread? Anything that you think we didn’t know, but should please post on here since there is a lot of hidden features in game that most of us would not know.


Didn’t know that. Nice find!

I like that idea too, but it would become plugged with opinion posts, overly long winded explanations and probably questions on how to… but still good idea!

( kinda just like I did here ) :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about this, thanks.

Great for those who can’t read an airport diagram :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah lol. I can read the diagram but sometimes when you land at the airport ATC will tell you to taxi to general parking but will not point out exactly where in general parking. You can use the smart cam and it will guide you to the exact spot, just follow the cam as it focuses on the taxi line and guides you to your parking.


I knew it aims at the threshold of the runway to land on but not that it also shows you which way to taxi. At some airports they seem to like taking you on a little tour.

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You may have to cycle through the smart camera (check control settings to set it up). The camera will point to the ground right at the taxi line about 50 feet away from the front of the plane and as you move forward it will keep following it until it gets to a taxi interception and the camara will continue to focus on whatever taxi line you need to follow.

You do need to use ATC for this to work, and have ATC assign you the taxi instructions.

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That sounds just what I need as on a 1080p native screen the signs are not always legible when moving. I hate stopping and zooming but I really am I’m not a great fan of the ribbon either. Thanks a million for this :smiley:

So it’s the same when taxiing to the gates? Gates are hard to find at big airports.

Yeah it works for whatever taxi instructions given by ATC. You may have to cycle through the smart camera. You will know you are on the right one when the camera points directly at the taxiway in front of you.

but you dont need to, use the map, zoom in max, and you can see all.

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I did not know this.
However I find the Smart Cam a bit squirrelly and it tends to get distracted and look at anything except what I want it to…and then it looks at something else 2 seconds later.

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Smart cam…just be aware that active runway are not always where ATC will want you to go!

I did not know that! I’ve been using an addon for tiny ribbons, but that requires replacing a UI file in the Official sim folder.


It will guide you to the actual runway and gate atc wants to to go regardless of what runway is active. You CAN see what runway is active though by cycling through the smart cam and it will eventually point you to the threshold of the active runway if you want

There are no bugs in the smart cam that I have found. You might be cycling through the smart cam without knowing

The map is great to use with a real life airport chart and to know the layout of the airport. Besides that is pretty much useless when it comes to directing you around the airport. It doesnt give any taxi names, but it does show the runway numbers if you zoom in close enough

No, what I observed was some sort of auto-cycling.
I noticed it while out looking at PoI’s and Fauna objects. After a moment of being on the correct target it would automatically select something else. (Often a distant airport or whatever)