Different ATC voice when changing frequency


It would be great if you could sort the logic out so when I get handed from one frequency to another it changes the voice used.

You stay with the same voice every time you change frequently. It only changes it seems at random on same frequency.

Thanks :+1:

Someone had a thread asking for region accents, too.


I was also thinking that would be nice and as they are computer generated I am sure it would be more than possible. But at this point I would be happy if it just swapped between 2 different voices every time I changed frequency.

I think my fs2020 expectations are very low now.

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Not sure what’s going on at your end, but I do get different voices from ATC. Occasionally it’s the same after a frequency change, but more often than not they’re different.
What ATC voice setting do you have?

You can actually achieve something like this:

  • Switch from Azure TTS to “Windows Offline”
  • Download different english language packs (e. g. Irish, Australian, British, Indian etc.) in Windows language settings
  • Have fun

I also tried to download additional TTS-packs with additional voices from external sources but I think these don’t really work for Windows TTS (even though it’s advertised they should).

This way, you can have, like, ten different voices. Of course this only works for english voices but as english is usually the ATC language anyway (at least vor IFR) I’m persoally totally okay with it.

I think multiple voices should come first, and then we can start thinking about accents. I think within a (accent) region you still need multiple voices.

Again, I’m getting different voices. What is your ATC voice setting on?

I’m on offline TTS. I’m not sure if there are multiple voices or not honestly. At the very least I remember thinking FS2004 / FSX had more ATC / Pilot voices than MSFS.

I’m about to fire up MSFS, I’ll pay attention to it. :slight_smile:

Yeh, set it to ‘Azure’ for the TTS settings. You’ll get different voices then. Was added 2 or 3 patches ago.


I do get different ATC voices but very very rarely on a frequency change.

It would actually help more if, Asobo used real people to record all the responses instead of a computer to simulate them. Mis-pronunciation of any abbreviated word or one commonly used with accent, i.e., don’t = don ta; or Fort Worth Center= F T worth center. I have bugged this in Zendesk. And, it bugs me this, but the voices change every time I change centers, sometimes my avatar voice is used, and they try to muddle it some so it’s not exactly the same. They could have gotten 1000 volunteers and gotten them to record ATC commands, and would hardly every hear the same voice in a flight. Just ask the sim community to do the recording, specify which thing they want recorded, then email in the sound files. Simple to fix.

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Tried this and couldn’t get it to work.

Have the following language packs downloaded on W10:

English US, Jamaica, Austria, India.

Still having to endure the US pack with a kid of about 12 and some other voice that sounds like a low pitched Dalek.

Help in getting the other language packs utilised would be appreciated. Thanks.

sorry for off topic, is it possible to listen music with com1 and com2 i just don’t use atc, but if com will work as radio fm it’s would be good, very good i’d say

No, the lowest aviation frequency is just above the highest FM radio frequency to keep them separated. With good reason.

Besides as a pilot you should listen to atc, not music. :smiley:
Perhaps a mod can help you but I don’t see that as a useful feature in this game.

that’s sad, i just was going to ask about watching tv on the mfd

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I think they need to adjust the logic in two different places.

  1. once a user has selected a pilot voice, that voice should be flagged so it can not be used as an ATC voice. I think this is logical and should be simple to do.
  2. the suggestion on this thread: ensure that the same voice is not used between different controllers.
    Also quite simple to do.
  3. by the way, could you automatically remove the cursor from the screen if it has not moved for 10 seconds. The menu bar is removed promptly but the cursor stays on the screen.
    I hope that all three are simple changes.